Career Services FAQ

Q. Will the Center for Military Families and Veterans Career Services find me a job?

It's our goal to help you effectively select the right career upfront. Often times understanding what career is the right career can be the hardest decision. We partner with companies and agencies to provide a wide range of employment opportunities available city and county wide, ranging from apprenticeships, entry level to senior positions, and temporary work while you study.

Q. Do I have to have a degree in order to find employment?

Education for the sake of education is most important. We encourage you to use your education benefits while there still available. We also promote scholarships to help cover short-term training programs under our certificate programs offered through Corporate and Continuing Education. Earning a college degree can certainly enhance the number of employment opportunities available to you. However, you do not need a degree to use our services. Remember, apprenticeships are excellent ways to work and get your education at the same time.

Q. Is there a certain resume format I should use?

Yes and No. Yes your resume should always be tailored to the job your applying for. Never rely on one type of resume for every job application. In partnership with CharlotteWorks and VeteransBridgeHome, resume development support is available.

Q. Why do I occasionally receive employment opportunity notices via e-mail from Central Piedmont Veterans Resource Center?

The Center for Military Families and Veterans Services uses your email as the primary way to alert you about opportunities.

Q. Why is it important to frequently check and respond to emails and voice-mails?

Always be alert for potential scams. However, while conducting a job search, check your email frequently in the event a potential employer is trying to communicate with you. Many companies primarily use email to communicate additional information or to set up an interview. Answer e-mails in a timely manner.

Q. Why is it important to have a professional voicemail message and ring-tone?

A ring-tone choice and your voice mail message recording both influence employers’ first impression of you. We strongly recommend that you record a professional voicemail response and select a standard ring tone. When in doubt use the phone default voicemail and ring tone.

Q. Why is my email address important?

Like your resume, voicemail, and ring tone an email address gives people a first impression of who you are. To ensure a good first impression to potential employers, we strongly recommend that you create an email address for business communication which simply contains your name, for example johndoe@ aol or john_doe @ gmail.