Sponsored Programs

CPCC accepts tuition assistance (sponsor) agreements in lieu of payment at the time of registration.  See the Sponsor Requirements link at the left for more information.


Depending upon your registration date, sponsor letters are generally due 48 hours before the payment due date. In Pay-As-You-Go, sponsor letters are due at the time of registration.

Open Registration

Spring 2017



November 11, 2016

Spring 2017 Payment Due Dates

Registration Date

Due Date

November 4 - November 19

November 21

November 20 - December 2

December 5

December 3 - December 30

January 2

December 31 - January 13

Pay as you go

After the start of the term, payment is due by the Monday of the week following the registration.

You must have your Student ID number to charge books. (Your Student ID number is NOT your Social Security Number.) 
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