Student Leadership Conference teaches about self

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Every spring, Student Life sponsors a weekend Leadership Conference at Camp Cheerio, a YMCA camp near Roaring Gap in the mountains of North Carolina. The trip offers students many things on many levels; leadership skills, team building skills, and a chance to meet other students with the same drive and aspiration. Strong friendships are formed over that short weekend.

All of the current Student Government Association Board attended the last conference as regular students. While they were there, they learned more about themselves than they had ever known. They gained a new personal insight and the confidence to run in the upcoming SGA elections, something most of them had not considered before attending the conference.
The following is one participant’s account of the weekend.

By: Alexander Rivenbark

Early last spring, my instructor, Liz Rogers, told my English class about a school trip called the leadership conference. I was interested, so I decided to attend. It was spectacular! The trip was one of the highlights of my whole year. Afterwards, I spoke with the facilitator of the conference, Amanda Capobianchi, to ask her a few questions. We had a wonderful conversation, and I learned a lot about the conference. The purpose of this article is to share my findings with my fellow students at CPCC.

The leadership conference has been a yearly event for seventeen years. Amanda has been facilitating the conference for three years. In order to attend the conference, one must be a currently enrolled curriculum student at CPCC, and receive a recommendation from an instructor. Amanda told me that “by the name leadership conference, we attract students who want to do more; more in school, in the community, or in their own lives.” The leadership conference is an excellent tool that can be used for individual growth.

“While everyone will have their own perspective about what the leadership conference means to them, the main purpose is to better know oneself, so we can better know one another, so that positive change can happen,” Amanda told me when I asked her what the purpose of the conference was. Kind of vague, isn’t it? Yes it is! Amanda said “we want to be vague. Not being sure what to expect and taking a risk adds to the magic of the experience.”

I can say from personal experience that great things happen on the leadership conference. Amanda said, “We’ve got a good cookbook for it!” The staff of CPCC certainly does! So keep those ears open, students! The conference takes place in early spring (late March, early April.) This year we had a whole bus full of people. Next year I hope to see many new faces. Remember, you get out of something what you put into it. Give this conference your all, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!