President Bush visits CPCC

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Bush spoke of winning the war on terror to audience of 800

By: Andy Spicer & Justin Kaialoa
Photo by: Chloe Vasquez

Halton Theatre on CPCC’s Central Campus was packed April 6. Secret Service was posted at every entrance and exit, as President George W. Bush walked onto stage to a thunderous standing ovation. Charlotte was one of the locations on the President’s whistle stop tour supporting the international war on terror.

“My friends in Texas ask me what being president is like,” Bush told the audience. “It is a decision making experience. Decision making requires knowing who you are and what you believe.”

“One of the biggest decisions I’ve made is putting kids in harms way,” Bush explained. “It’s a decision I didn’t want to have to make and no one should want to make it. If I didn’t think we could win I would pull them out.” Bush.JPG

Bush informed the listeners he wasn’t going to take the route of Vietnam and politicize the war: “I don’t make decisions based on polls and focus groups. I make them based on what the generals on the ground tell me.”

He explained that he saw a threat in Iraq, and that when the country sees a threat it needs to take it seriously before it comes to harm us. “We must defeat the enemy overseas so we don’t have to face them here again,” said Bush.

Bush explained pulling out of Iraq now would be a mistake because it would send a terrible message to the troops and their families, especially the ones who have lost someone.

Also, what would it say to the Iraqi people, 12-million of which came out to vote in the countries first free democratic election, Bush asked. This is a sign of the new freedoms the Iraqi people are experiencing Bush said.

“I believe freedom is universal,” Bush said. “Freedom is imbedded in the soul of every person on the planet.”

“We have done a good job of dismantling Al Qaeda,” Bush said. “They are nothing more than cold blooded killers bound together by an ideology, who are afraid of democracy. America needs to be steadfast; the terrorists are just using scare-tactics.” “They know if we loose our nerve and retreat they win,” Bush said.

“I just want people here to know we will achieve victory. The United States will not be intimidated by thugs and assassins,” Bush said. “You defeat an ideology of darkness with an ideology of light.”