New Central Campus parking for students

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The new Independence Parking Deck at the corner of 4th Street and Independence Boulevard is now open.

The deck features more than 600 parking spaces and will operate on a 24-hour basis. It is intended for use by CPCC students who have a valid CPCC parking sticker affixed to their vehicles. The parking sticker is included in the cost of tuition and fees, and paid for at the same time. Please note that students have two weeks from the first day of classes to get their parking stickers. Parking decals may be picked up at Central Campus from the Cashier's window, the security base underneath the old student parking deck and the lobby of the IT building. (For locations at Area Campuses, please check with Security.) 

Vehicles may enter the parking deck from either 4th Street or from the new PD Service Drive, which runs between Independence Parking Deck and the Professional Development Building. Because making a left into the deck across traffic may be difficult, the best way to access the deck is by entering on 4th Street heading towards campus.

The parking deck will contain security features such as video surveillance and emergency call phones. The deck’s architectural façade represents a new look for Central Campus buildings. CPCC is gradually implementing this look as new buildings are built and existing buildings are renovated.

CPCC students who use the deck are encouraged to cross Independence Boulevard at designated crosswalks.

The deck includes office space on the ground floor and was funded with Certificates of Participation issued by Mecklenburg County.