Larry M Harding Award

Larry M Harding Nomination Form

Do you know a CPCC employee who best exemplifies excellence as an educator and who has rendered outstanding service to the community? If so, please nominate that person to receive the 2014 Larry M Harding Award. Nominations are currently being accepted until the end of June.

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Please submit all nomination forms to Dena Shonts at If you have any questions please call x6558.


And our 2014 winner is......

2014 Larry M. Harding Educator/Community Service Award


This award is given to CPCC employees who best exemplify excellence as educators and who also have rendered outstanding service to their community.

Amy Bagwell serves not only CPCC’s students but also the entire community through her tireless efforts to make art and literature more accessible and available to the general public.

Amy passionately leads the Wall Poetry of Charlotte effort, which features graphic renderings of work by local poets on walls in public spaces in Mecklenburg County, with most of the designs being done by CPCC Graphic Design students. This project will be featured in the next new episode of the Emmy Award-winning series "Our State," produced in partnership with Our State magazine and broadcast on UNC-TV.

As part of the Neighborhoods in Creative pARTnership, Amy is helping to bring more neighborhood-based public art and poetry awareness to the community.  Her efforts were recently published in “Creative Loafing” magazine, which awarded her the 2013 Best Public Art award.

Amy said, “Poetry is meant to be seen as much as it is meant to be heard, and access to it is too limited. Installing my poems in likeminded objects and presenting them to the public are ways to get in on and expand the broadcast.”

Through her extensive community service work in addition to her professional contributions, this individual exemplifies the qualities that the Larry M Harding Educator/Community Service Award seeks to recognize.