NOTE--This list is currently being updated to reflect 2017-18 members

Division (#of FT)
(# of Senators)

Senator 1 Senator 2 Senator 3 Senator 4
ACA, English, Humanities (4) Amy Bagwell Kris DeAngelis Jennifer Perkins Daniela Weinert
Applied Technology (2) Richard Griffin
Brittany Holleran

Arts Division: Visual, Performing & Interior Design(2) Mary Kilburn Paula Smith
Behavioral & Social Sciences (3) Kent Cashion Mary Frances Comer Mona Yektaparast
Business  (2) Wen Yen Shawn Allison
Construction Technologies  (2) Andy Williams
George Wightman
CCE  (1) Oscar Agurs
Digital Media, Journalism and Communications  (2) Corlis Hayes Ashley Sherril
Early Childhood (1) Susan Butler-Staub
Engineering Technologies (2) Adam Harris
Dominic Mascari
Health Sciences (3) Jessica Huffman Roschella Stephens Debbie Marcantonio
Health and Human Services (2) Sabrina Black Karla Jones
Hospitality  (1) Robert Marilla
Information Technologies (2) Ann Aksut Joseph Little
Math (4) Ryan Bean Sydia Gayle-Fenner Melissa Granados
Medical Careers and Cosmetology (2) Danielle Hensley Trina Davis
Nursing  (2) Colleen Russell Emily Nelson
Professional Careers  (2) Nina Neal Tony Emetu
Public Safety (1) Leonard Edge
Sciences  (3) Kimberly Miller Steppen Murphy Kathy Watkins
Transport Systems (2) Jeremy Taylor
Professional Staff (23) Pooya Eslami (Learning Tech Services) Lauren Estes (Service Learning) Alexis Frisinger (Engineering Technologies)
Tommy Funches (Counseling and Adv) Pedro Galvan (CCR) Lindsey Graves (Service Learning) Jeff Jarvis ITS-(Digital Media)
Babak Keyvani (ITS-Web Development) Andrea Kincaid (Library Services) Justin Knoll (Student Life) Kristy Lally (Academic Advising)
Donald Michael (Learning Tech Services) Laurie Necasek (E-Learning) Glenda Nnaji (Health & Medical Careers) Mollie Peuler (Library Services)
Savannah Rhead (Financial Aid) Stefney Simpson ( Academic Advising) Meredith Stutts (Financial Aid) Andrea Tripple (TRIO)
Zina WIlliams (Counseling and Adv) Kelly Wilson (Corporate Learning) Betsey Ziskind (E-Learning)