Guidelines for Allocation of Funds (Revised Fall 2013)

Eligibility is limited to employees of CPCC who are represented by College Senate (Faculty and Professional Staff). Training and conferences must be related to current job at CPCC and be in alignment with the mission statement of the college. 

The committee will be guided by the following priorities:

  • Applicants that are presenting at a conference or workshop, members of panel, or an officer of the sponsoring organization will be given priority. (The applicant must have submitted a proposal to present a workshop, seminar, etc. and have been accepted).
  • First time applicants will be given priority.
  • Applications that are supported by funds from the employee’s department or other sources will be given priority.
  • Multiple applications from one department for the same educational activity will be evaluated as a whole.
  • Requests may cover travel, lodging, meals, and/or conference fees. Applicants are expected to use fiscally sound alternatives for travel, lodging, etc.
  • The maximum allocation per employee per academic year is $1500.00
  • Maximum benefits received over three fiscal years is $3,000. Upon reaching the maximum dollar award, applicants must wait one fiscal year before re-applying for funding.
  • Applicants re-applying for funding must submit an updated record of conferences or workshops attended and funded the previous year.
  • Applicants are responsible for completing the paperwork and meeting all deadlines.

Application Process

The steps for applying for funding through the Education Resources Committee are outlined below.

  1. Write a short summary (two to four paragraphs) of the event for which funding is being requested. Explain how the event will benefit your career or you as an individual. Please write the request for an audience unfamiliar with our area of expertise. Clarification may be requested by the committee. Please include copies of any relevant information (brochures, flyers, etc.) regarding the event you wish to attend.
  2. Complete:
    1. the Education Resources Committee Request for Funding.
    2. the Reimbursement Agreement.
    3. the Request for Authorization to Travel form FS5-6. Indicate miles for travel and lodging requirements as applicable. Use current CPCC mileage rates and lodging limits as well as meals per diem. The detailed budget should not include any “miscellaneous” expenses.
    4. Obtain your supervisor's signature where indicated on the forms. The completed application should be submitted to the office of the vice-President for Learning in care of Vivian Jenkins. All necessary forms may be scanned & emailed to
    5. If applicant is traveling out of country, the application packet will be forwarded from Richard’s office to Dr. Deitemeyer for her signature to approve the request.

Please note:

  • After all the appropriate approvals have been made, the office of the Vice-President will forward the application to the chair of Educational Resources, Roshella Stephens, to begin the ERC committee review.
  • Please submit applications 60 days before the planned event to allow turnaround time for the committee. Accommodations may be made for events taking place in less than sixty (60) days in special situations. Applications for funding after an activity has been attended will not be considered.
  • All proposals will be evaluated by Education Resources Committee. A member of the Committee will notify applicants by email on the status of their application within 30 days of receiving application.

    Funding/reimbursement process

    All events are funded on a reimbursement basis. The steps for reimbursement are outlined below.

    1. After the event, recipients should request reimbursement within 14 days following completion of the trip. Reimbursements will not exceed funds awarded. A Request for Reimbursement of Travel, form FS-8 must be routed to The Center for Teaching and Learning Office with all receipts attached (taped on a sheet of paper). Failure to submit the reimbursement request within the specified 14 days could result in forfeiture of the funds.
    2. Recipients may be asked by The Center for Teaching and Learning to participate in programming to share information gained with others.