Instruction Team

William K. Pedersen

For over 35 years, Mr. Pedersen has been in business and commercial aviation working in aircraft maintenance, operations and record keeping and developing software programs to ensure airworthiness.

The first 15 years were spent working for large and small aviation organizations including five years with P.T. Freeport Indonesia in Western Papua New Guinea operating Boeing, Gulfstream and Bell aircraft.

For the last 25 years his other accomplishments have included redesigning airports for better passenger flow, customs and immigrations and baggage claim and since 2007 as the President and CEO of The Icarus Group, which was started in response to a demand in the business and commercial aviation industry for qualified and highly skilled individuals on a contractual basis that focus on specific projects.

Mr. Pedersen has an Associates degree in Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Airframe and Power Plant and Avionics from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  He also holds a Private Pilot Certificate from the FAA.

Mike Ouimet

Mike Ouimet is a managing partner at AUV.  Having started and managed three technology companies, Mike brings with him many years of business experience.   Mike’s experience in managing business process, technology and drone application has been an important contribution to AUV.

Mike started his first company in 2005.  Wincourse Technologies was an early mover in cloud based IT services, making cloud services accessible for small and medium businesses.   In 2013 Mike started Aerial Captures, an early adopter in supplying drone-based Aerial Video and Photography services. In 2015, Mike was a founding partner of the Academy for Unmanned Vehicles, providing training in the safe and legal use of drones.

Dan Gotte

Dan Gotte has over 25 years of business experience, currently pursuing various entrepreneurial ventures. Dan previously has had successful ventures in industries as diverse as construction to food service. Dan started his career working with several large technology companies in the areas of Finance, Accounting, Pricing and Alliances.

Dan has been regularly involved with education, lecturing on finance and business topic in Universities throughout the country. He is active in the Charlotte local Angel funding community, serving as the managing director of IMAF Charlotte, the Charlotte region’s largest organized Angel fund and a managing partner of IncuSeed Ventures, an incubation fund with a unique methodology investing capital and services in early stage technology companies for more rapid growth.

Completing his undergraduate education at the University of Buffalo, Dan later received his M.A. in accounting from Washington State.