Digital Forensics Certificate

The American Academy of Applied Forensics (AAAF) through continuing education at Central Piedmont offers a professional certificate program in Digital Forensics. You are awarded this certificate as long as you complete the following classes within 10 years. This certificate covers a minimum number of 232 training hours, with 176 hours of core courses and a minimum of 56 hours of electives.

Professional Certificate 

Required core classes:

FRN 7865 Level 1: Mobile Device Forensics (16 hours)
FRN 7871 Introduction to Computer Forensics (32 hours)
FRN 7872 Intermediate Computer Forensics (32 hours)
FRN 7873 Advanced Computer Forensics (16 hours)
FRN 7878 Digital Evidence Expertise in the Courtroom (16 hours) Online
ITC 7901 Wireless Networking (24 hours) Online
FRN 7906 Level 2: Mobile Device Forensics (40 hours)

Plus any three of the following electives:

FRN 7898 Automotive Digital Evidence (16 hours) Online
ITC 7900 Introduction to Cybersecurity (8 hours) Online                            
ITC 7902 Introduction to Networking (24 hours) Online
ITC 7903 Blockchain Fundamentals (24 hours) Online
ITC 7904 Understanding the Cloud (24 hours) Online