Submitting Proposals

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1. EXCEPTIONS: All proposals are subject to the terms and conditions outlined herein. All responses shall be controlled by such terms and conditions and the submission of other terms and conditions, price lists, catalogs, and/or other documents as part of an offeror’s response will be waived and have no effect either on this Request for Quotes/Proposals/Bids or on any contract that may be awarded resulting from this solicitation. Offeror specifically agrees to the conditions set forth in the above paragraph by signature to the proposal.

2. COMPETITIVE OFFER: Pursuant to the provision of G.S. 143-54, and under penalty of perjury, the signer of any proposal submitted in response to this request thereby certifies that this proposal has not been arrived at collusively or otherwise in violation of either Federal or North Carolina antitrust laws.

3. ORAL EXPLANATIONS: The State shall not be bound by oral explanations or instructions given at any time during the competitive process or after award.

4. REFERENCE TO OTHER DATA: Only information which is received in response to this request will be evaluated; reference to information previously submitted shall not be evaluated.

5. ELABORATE PROPOSALS: Elaborate proposals in the form of brochures or other presentations beyond that necessary to present a complete and effective proposal are not desired.

6. COST FOR PROPOSAL PREPARATION: Any costs incurred by offerors in preparing or submitting offers are the offerors’ sole responsibility; the State of North Carolina will not reimburse any offeror for any costs incurred prior to award.

7. TIME FOR ACCEPTANCE: Each proposal shall state that it is a firm offer which may be accepted within a period of at least 30 days. Although the contract is expected to be awarded prior to that time, the 30 day period is requested to allow for unforeseen delays.

8. TITLE: Titles and headings in this request and any subsequent contract are for convenience only and shall have no binding force or effect.

9. CONFIDENTIALITY OF PROPOSALS: In submitting its proposal the offeror agrees not to discuss or otherwise reveal the contents of this proposal to any source outside of the using or issuing agency, government or private, until after the award of the contract. Offerors not in compliance with this provision may be disqualified, at the option of the State, from contract award. Only discussions authorized by the issuing agency are exempt from this provision.

10. RIGHT TO SUBMITTED MATERIAL: All responses, inquiries, or correspondence relating to or in reference to the request, and all other reports, charts, displays, schedules, exhibits, and other documentation submitted by the offerors shall become the property of the State when received.

11. OFFEROR’S REPRESENTATIVE: Each offeror shall submit with its proposal the name, address, and telephone number of the person(s) with authority to bind the firm and answer questions or provide clarification concerning the firm’s proposal.

12. SUBCONTRACTING: Offerors may propose to subcontract portions of the work provided that their proposals clearly indicate what work they plan to subcontract and to whom and that all information required about the prime contractor is also included for each proposed subcontractor.

13. PROPRIETARY INFORMATION: Trade secrets or similar proprietary data which the offeror does not wish disclosed to other than personnel involved in the evaluation or contract administration will  be kept confidential to the extent permitted by NCAC T01:05B.1501 and G.S. 132-13 if identified as follows: Each page shall be identified in boldface at the top and bottom as "CONFIDENTIAL". Any section of the proposal  which is to remain confidential shall also be so marked in boldface on the title page of that section. Cost information may not be deemed confidential. In spite of what is labeled as confidential,  the determination as to whether or not it is shall be determined by North Carolina law.

14. HISTORICALLY UNDERUTILIZED BUSINESSES: Pursuant to General Statute 143-48 and Executive Order #77, the State invites and encourages participation in this procurement process by businesses owned by minorities, women, disabled, disabled business enterprises and non-profit work centers for the blind and severely disabled.

15. DECLINE TO OFFER: Any firm which receives a copy of the request but which declines to make an offer is requested to send a written "Decline to Offer" or "No Bid" to the issuing office. Failure to respond as requested may subject the firm to removal from consideration on future requirements.