Internal Certificates

Training opportunities have been grouped into a series of several one- or two-hour workshops focusing on a particular soft /technical skill. Employees are urged to complete the workshops under each heading to obtain an internal certificate.

Adapting to Change in the Workplace

  • Initiating Change
  • Myths & Realities of Change
  • Shifting Paradigms
  • Change Style Indicator (Assessment)
  • Attitude Adjustments

Conflict Management in the Workplace

  • Clear Communication and Active Listening
  • Improving Negotiation and Mediation Skills
  • Social Intelligence
  • Personalities in the Workplace
  • Coaching to Improve Work Performance


Ethics in the Workplace

  • Finding Your True North
  • Character is Destiny (DVD)
  • Failing Forward
  • Walk the Talk
  • 12 Choices that Lead to Your Success


Exemplary Leadership Practices

  • Model the Way
  • Share the Vision
  • Empower Others
  • Encourage the Heart
  • Enable Others to Act


Finding Your Work Style Preferences

  • Personality and Animal Temperaments
  • Change Style Indicator
  • Compass
  • True Colors
  • Social Styles


Five Exemplary Leadership Practices

  • Model the Way
  • Share the Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart


Five Minds for the Future

  • The Disciplined Mind
  • The Synthesizing Mind
  • The Creative Mind
  • The Respectful Mind
  • The Ethical Mind


Integrated Course Design

  • Session 1: Identify Important Situational Factors
  • Session 2: Identify Important Learning Goals
  • Session 3: Formulate appropriate feedback and assessment procedures
  • Session 4: Select effective teaching/learning activities
  • Session 5: Integrate the primary course design components


      MS Office Internal Certificates
      Technical Certifications are available, which include Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced sessions on the following Microsoft Office Applications:

      • MS Word
      • MS Excel
      • MS PowerPoint
      • MS Outlook


      Personal and Organizational Productivity

      • Recalibrating Physically and Mentally
      • Managing Attention, Emotions, and Creativity
      • Increasing Personal Productivity
      • Dealing Proactively and Constructively with Mundane Realities
      • Reflecting to Keep it All Fresh and Function


      Polishing Your Professional Communication

      • Get to the Point (Painless Advice for Professional Writing)
      • E-mail Etiquette
      • Communicating with the Me Generation
      • Customer Service Skills that Matter
      • Telephone Etiquette


      Prescription for a Healthy Career

      • Clear and Concise Communication
      • WorkSmarts
      • 12 Choices that Lead to Success
      • Social Intelligence
      • Panel of Career Experts


      Presentation Skills

      • Anatomy of a Presentation
      • How to Give and Take Constructive Feedback
      • Engaging Your Audience/Class
      • Aha to WOW: Engaging Your Audience with PowerPoint, Part I
      • Digital Storytelling



      • Business Etiquette
      • Ethical Behavior
      • Clear and Concise Communication
      • Productive Meetings
      • Casual Dress in the Workplace


      Quality of Work

      • WorkSmarts (available online via LearnerWeb Employee Online Learning Catalog)
      • Making the Most of Your Day (available online via LearnerWeb Employee Online Learning Catalog)
      • Work/Life Balance
      • Social Intelligence
      • Emotional Intelligence


      Service to Others

      • Customer Service Skills that Matter
      • Conflict Resolution in the Workplace
      • Emotional Intelligence at Work
      • FISH
      • Personalities in the Workplace


      Understanding Your Personality and How It Affects Your Communication at Work

      • What is Your Change Style Preference?
      • What Are Your True Colors?
      • What Is Your Social Style Preference?
      • What is Your Conflict Management Style?
      • Which Animal is Reflected in Your Personality?


        Work-Centered Leadership

        • Developing Effective Teams
        • Developing the Leader Within You
        • Ethics in the Workplace
        • The One-Minute Manager (PD Lending Library)
        • The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus