Work-Centered Leadership Training

The Center for Leadership and Staff Development provides leadership training for all CPCC employees. In addition to the longer leadership training programs, a number of one- or two-hour workshops are available to anyone interested in improving leadership skills.

Opportunities for leadership skills development include:

– Extraordinary teams are built upon the collaboration of ordinary people working together in a synergistic manner. Open and candid communication allows team members to focus their time, energies, and expertise on quality and equity. An emphasis on considering new points of view is encouraged within an atmosphere of trust and respect for individual differences. Problems are viewed as opportunities for success because team members believe that the solution will represent the combined thinking of the entire team.

Emotional Intelligence at Work – The need for emotional intelligence at work is greater than ever before. Emotional Intelligence includes such competencies as optimism, conscientiousness, motivation, empathy and social competence. Not only do bosses and corporate leaders need high doses of emotional intelligence, but every people-oriented job demands it too.

Personalities at Work – One workplace diversity issue rarely discussed concerns the various personality styles and how they mesh or clash. Yet interpersonal relationships can often dictate to what extent our efforts will succeed or fail.

At this workshop, you’ll have a chance to:

  • Determine your own personality style
  • Meet with like-minded individuals
  • Develop strategies for “winning over” the other types.


Internal Certificates in Work-Centered Leadership

Training opportunities have been grouped into a series of several one- or two-hour workshops focusing on a particular soft /technical skill. Employees are urged to complete the workshops under each heading to obtain an internal certificate.

Exemplary Leadership Practices (5 Hrs)
Based on The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner, the workshops in this certificate focus on how ordinary people can develop their leadership skills to get extraordinary things done. The five workshops in the certificate include the following topics:

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Encourage the Heart
  • Enable Others to Act

Work-Centered Leadership (5 Hrs)
The workshops in this internal certificate deal with aspects of day-to-day personal interaction with others in the workplace. The five workshops in this certificate include the following topics:

  • Developing Effective Teams
  • Developing the Leader within You (based on John Maxwell’s Developing the Leader within You)
  • Ethics in the Workplace
  • The One-Minute Manager (based on Kenneth Blanchard’s The One Minute Manager)
  • The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus

Ethics in the Workplace and Everywhere Else (5 Hrs)
Without a doubt, our behavior reflects our being and our deepest values. The workshops in this internal certificate emphasize that it takes conscious effort, persistence, some courage, commitment and lots of self-discipline to earn the respect and trust of those with whom we work. The five workshops in this certificate include the following topics:

  • Developing Character to Know What’s Right and to Do What’s Right
  • Following Your Internal Compass
  • Learning from Your Mistakes and Setbacks
  • Living Your Convictions and Dealing with Contradictions
  • Behaving Ethically to Succeed in the Workplace