Innovation Grants

Because Central Piedmont Community College is committed to the quest for continuous improvement of quality programs and services, the CPCC Foundation funds the Innovation Grant Program to assist programs/units with the creation of innovative programs or services and to facilitate improvement, change, or growth within instructional, administrative, and student service units.

Innovation Grant Forms are listed below:


Current Innovation Grant Projects include:


Grant Title: The Early Childhood Garden Project at Harris Campus

Description: The Early Childhood Education Department will plant four 4x8’ raised bed vegetable and herb gardens as well as two table gardens on Harris Campus. These gardens will be used to teach students the fundamentals needed to start and sustain the gardening process in the Health Safety and Nutrition classes. The Exploration Activities class will use the gardens as math and science labs. The Children with Exceptionalities class will use them to demonstrate ADA compliance. The produce from the gardens will be used to demonstrate healthy eating. In partnership with Friendship Gardens, the excess produce will be donated to Meals on Wheels.


Grant Title: Word of Mouth

Description: CPCC Libraries and CPCC Student Life plant to con-sponsor a storytelling event similar to The Moth, New York’s hottest and hippest literary event. The Moth is sponsored by a not-for-profit organization that raises funds by hosting storytelling events in large cities. There are guidelines for each event and a theme for the stories that is posted in advance of the event. At CPCC a committee will enforce the guidelines by pre-screening the stories for appropriateness for the community college learning environment. At CPCC, participants will tell first-person stories which last form 5 to 7 minutes. The stories must be told without notes. Faculty, staff, and especially students will be invited to participate. Each campus will have one storytelling event per year


Grant Title: Cato Campus Plant Inventory

Description: Students in Plant Materials classes will have access to six Trimble Juno 3B handheld data collectors and global positioning software to perform an extensive inventory of plant material on and near Cato Campus. The software will generate landscape maps that indicate the location of key landscape plants and can also generate class specific “plant walks” making efficient use of the students’ and instructor’s time. As a follow-up activity, students in Pest Management classes and Arboriculture classes will determine the pruning, fertilization, watering needs, etc., using the landscape maps.