Funding Opportunities and Forms

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CPCC encourages employees in personal and professional development. Please see Chapter 4 of the Policies and Procedures manual for information on some of these activities. The following funding sources and forms are sponsored by different departments across the College and the NC Community College System. Funding for Conferences and Outside Training must be related to current job at CPCC and be in alignment with the mission statement of the College.


The College Fellows Program is aimed at finding new ways to enhance learning by providing carefully selected full-time faculty and professional staff with opportunities to pursue both pure and applied research with a clear benefit to the college.

Educational Advancement provides a salary increase, pending budget availability, to full-time employees upon completion of an approved, job-related program of study, culminating in the attainment of an advanced degree from an accredited institution. 

Educational Assistance for Spouses and Dependent Children provides a scholarship, in the form of a tuition discount, for spouses and dependent children of full-time employees with at least one year of service when enrolled in curriculum or occupational extension courses at the College. View form

Education Leave - The President may authorize education leave for a full-time employee provided the activities planned for the leave are directly related to improving the regular duties assigned to the employee and satisfy any specific criteria established by the College. Education leave occurs with/without pay and benefits.
Educational Leave with Pay/Benefits Form | Educational Leave without Pay/Benefits Form

Educational Resources is funding provided by the College Senate for those employees represented by the Senate (all faculty and professional staff). The funds offer financial support for faculty and full-time professional staff to attend workshops, conferences, and seminars. View form

Faculty/Staff Development Funds (formerly Tier-A) is funding provided to CPCC employees for travel, conference and workshop participation. View form

Innovation Grants assist programs/units with the creation of innovative programs or services and to facilitate improvement, change, or growth within instructional, administrative, and student service units. Click here to view:  Application Form, Progress Report Summary Form, and Final Report Form.

Manager's Academy - Supervision presents a unique challenge. In fact, learning to manage is probably the most demanding on-the-job training managers will ever have. The 2016 Managers’ Academy is a six-week program designed to develop leadership skills in new managers and enhance existing ones in experienced managers. View the Manager's Academy Application.

Return to Industry - The Learning Unit will fund a faculty development program to support faculty who want/need the opportunity to remain current with the skills and competencies required in the workplace.