Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Required Classes

Classes are coded (lecture hours per week - lab hours per week - credits for the semester). So, a class with (3-0-3) means the class as 3 hours of lecture per week, 0 hours of lab per week, and 3 credits is recieved for successful completion of the course. The number of lecture hours and lab hours per week will differ during the summer term.

Students must have successfully completed English 111 or equivalent to enroll in the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma program.

General Education Requirements*
COM 231 Public Speaking (3-0-3)

COM 110 Introduction to Communication (3-0-3)
Social and Behavioral Science (choose one course from designated list in the CPCC catalog) 3 credit hours

Major and Related Related Course Requirements***
LEX 110 Introduction to Paralegal Study (2-0-2)
LEX 120 Legal Research/Writing I (2-2-3)
LEX 121 Legal Research/Writing II (2-2-3)

LEX 140 Civil Litigation I (3-0-3)
LEX 141 Civil Litigation II (2-2-3)
LEX 150 Commercial Law (2-2-3)
LEX 210 Real Property I (3-0-3)
LEX 280 Ethics and Professionalism (2-0-2)
OST 131 Keyboarding (1-2-2)**
OST 136 Word Processing (1-2-3)**
CIS 110 Intro. to Computers (3-0-3)**

Electives Students must choose 5 hours from the following list:
WBL 111 Work-Based Learning I (0-10-1)
WBL 112 Work-Based Learning I (0-20-2)
WBL 121 Work-Based Learning II (0-10-1)
WBL 122 Work-Based Learning II (0-20-2)
LEX 130 Civil Injuries (3-0-3)
LEX 160 Criminal Law and Procedure (2-2-3)
LEX 170 Administrative Law (2-0-2)
LEX 180 Case Analysis & Reasoning (1-2-2)
LEX 192 Selected Topics in Paralegal (2-0-2)
LEX 193 Selected Topics in Paralegal (3-0-3)
LEX 211 Real Property II (1-4-3)
LEX 220 Corporate Law (2-0-2)
LEX 240 Family Law (3-0-3)

LEX 250 Wills, Estates and Trusts (2-2-3)
LEX 260 Bankruptcy and Collections (3-0-3)

LEX 270 Law Office Management & Technology (1-2-2)
LEX 271 Law Office Writing (1-2-2)
LEX 281 Intellectual Property (2-2-3)
LEX 282 Immigration Law (2-0-2)
LEX 283 Investigations (1-2-2)
LEX 285 Workers’ Compensation Law (2-0-2)
LEX 289 U.S. Constitutional Law (2-2-3)

Total Credits 41

*If you’ve already taken these courses as part of your undergraduate degree you will be given transfer credit for them. Please make sure your undergraduate transcripts have been evaluated by the transcript analyst at (704) 330-6778.
** It is possible for you to receive credit by exam for OST 131 and 136 courses. Please see details for OST credit by exam. For information on testing out of CIS 110, please contact the Information Technology Department.

*** Students must receive a "C" or better in an LEX course in order to receive credit for that course towards a paralegal degree.

Note: Paralegals may not provide legal services directly to the public, except as permitted by law.