2016-17 Student Ambassadors

Name: Blake Blackman

Where I am from: Monroe, NC

Program: Transfer Program in Religion

About me: I grew up on a turkey farm in rural North Carolina, listening to my grandparents, parents, and aunts recount timeless stories of life in the South. Along the way, spinning a good yarn became embedded somewhere deep inside me—and then life gave me some tough stories to tell. Last year, my first book, The Journey of the Black Heart, was released where I tell some of those stories.

I have lived my life a bit out of the normal order. Now that my son has graduated from high school, I have decided to return to college to earn the degree I have always longed for. Over the years I have developed a passion for the religions of the world and Christian theology. Through my experiences I have learned the power of kindness and connection. It is my hope and goal to combine all of these in doing my part to make the world a gentler place by becoming a hospital chaplain. I currently work in the Patient Relations department at a hospital. I could not feel more honored to have the opportunity each day to help bring even a small sense of peace to people's very tough circumstances.

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: Going back to college after 20 years can be intimidating! I was nervous I would be the oldest person in the classroom or that I wouldn't understand all the technological advances since I was last there. CPCC has done a remarkable job of making me feel comfortable and at ease. My classes and my teachers have been incredible, and I have already learned so much in my short time there. I became a Student Ambassador because I want to help other students, whether fresh from high school or returning years later like myself, to feel the same comfort in their transition. I want to help students feel excited and empowered by their decision to further their education because I believe it is truly one of the best choices we can make for our future. Also, my experience at CPCC has had such a positive impact on my life that I am thankful for the chance to give my time and resources to all the college does.

Vu Dinh

Name: Cinthia Dubon

Where I am from: Born in Honduras, but raised in Charlotte.

Program: Associates in Arts

About me: I am the first in my family to ever go to college and it gets a little overwhelming at times, but I am an overachiever and always aim for the stars. I love to learn and help others learn, it's an effortless hobby in my eyes. It is my second year at CPCC, and I will be graduating with my Associates in Arts, Spring of 2017. I will be transferring to a 4 year university in pursuit of my bachelors degree in Finance, and specialize myself in Actuarial of Science. I love numbers and logic, but I can also be spontaneous and adventurous.

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: I became a Student Ambassador, because I thought it would be a great opportunity to help my community as well as develop my personal skills. It takes leadership, devotion, and charisma to be a true ambassador and I like to believe they chose me for a reason. I want to be one of the motivating factors and a positive role model to encourage other students to break out of the norm and experience the endless possibilities there are when you are willing to bet on yourself. They say you find yourself by losing yourself, well I have and here I am.

Victoria Hoover

Name: David Richards

Where I am from: Newark, NJ

Program: Culinary Arts

About me: Going into my third year at CPCC, I am looking forward to all the new people I will meet and motivate through this year.

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: I became a Student Ambassador because leadership and motivation is what I live for. I love helping new and returning students with whatever issue they may have. By letting them know and feel that CPCC is here for them and in return, motivate the student going into the new semester.


Name: Desi Thompson

Where I am from: I was born in Tyler, TX but raised in Charlotte, NC

Program: Dental Hygiene

About me: I've been attending CPCC for 2 years and I am currently in the Dental Hygiene program. I love adventure, philosophy, art, movies, sports, and learning new things. I try to challenge myself daily and I really like this quote: "If you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done."

"But he said to me, 'My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.' Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me." -2 Corinthians 12:9

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: CPCC has made a huge difference in my life. I want other students to have a positive experience and to realize their own potential through what the school has to offer. I love to help other people in assessing and reaching their goals and sharing my personal story as an example and encouragement.

Marqus Peters

Name: Imani Coleman

Where I am from: Rochester, NY

Program: Associate of Arts

About me: "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost

"Be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Ghandi

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: I became a Student Ambassador to make new connections, better my time management skills, expand my horizons, and build work place ethics.

Name: John "Jack" Nobers

Where I am from: Davidson, NC

Program: Associate in Science

About me: Beyond my academic studies, I enjoy ice hockey, sailing, boating, tennis, and outdoor activities in general, as well as reading all topics. I also work and volunteer at my church, and enjoy spending time with my parents and my two brothers and two sisters.

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: This scholarship presented the opportunity for me to represent this program, engage in many diverse activities, and grow as a person and leader.

Name: Lindsey Stanley

Where I am from: Born on Langley Air Force Base, Virginia raised in Charlotte

Program: Paralegal Technology

About me: This will be my second year at CPCC. I am currently in the Paralegal Technology program in hopes to pass the NC Bar Exam and become a certified Paralegal. I also intend to go back to school and receive a bachelor's degree in criminal justice and then fulfill a long term career goal of becoming a lawyer. I am into art, music, sports, and trying new things.

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: I became a student ambassador to broaden my horizons, meet new people, and put myself out there.

Name: Mohammed Jibriel

Where I am from: Sudan - Saudi Arabia

Program: Associate in Science

About me: I am a pre-med student majoring in Biology and Mathematics with plans of transferring to Davidson College. I have proudly attended CPCC since fall 2014. Over the past two years, my involvement on campus has grown. I had the opportunity to serve as vice president of the International Student Association, a Student Government Representative and I am currently the president of Mu Alpha Theta, a national mathematics honor society at CPCC. I have also been selected by the Model United Nations club to be its Public Relations Officer. my long term goal is to go to a medical school and become a successful physician.

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador:

I am very passionate about serving and giving back to my community. I became a CPCC Student Ambassador because I truly believe in what Mahatma Gandhi said; "the best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others." I love helping people to achieve their goals and find themselves.

Name: Nicholas Lopez

Where are you from: Kearney, NE

Program: Human Services Technology

About you: I am in my second year at CPCC. I love people and really enjoy connecting with them. To me, the greatest joys in life are relationships.

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: I became a student ambassador because I love CPCC. This college has provided me with opportunities I never thought were possible for me. This opportunity will not only help me continue to grow but also help others discover what is possible for them.

Name: Rebekah Enslow

Where I am from: Pineville, NC

Program: Transfer Associates in Arts

About me: I am in my second year at CPCC in the Transfer Program. I love traveling, and I am planning on studying International Relations for my Bachelor's Degree. I grew up in the Army, and lived in Hawaii for four years before moving to North Carolina. I love being outdoors, biographies, and going on adventures.
"It took me quite a long time to develop a voice, and now that I have it, I am not going to be silent."
--Madeleine Albright

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: I took two gap years after high school because I really wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career. CPCC's Career Services really helped me figure out what kind of career I want and what areas I want to make an impact in. I saw the Student Ambassador Program as a great opportunity to encourage both current and prospective students in becoming the people they want to be as well. I am so excited to represent a great College that has lots of options for careers and occupations that anyone can relate with.

Name: Seedy Njie

Where I am from: Gambia

Program: Associates in Arts

About me: I am an international student from The Gambia, West Africa, and I have been living in the United States for three years now. I am currently very active in leadership roles in the college; I am the President of the Student Government Association as well as a First Year Peer Mentor. I was also nominated as the recipient of the NC Student Excellence Award 2016, and I ultimately want to be a Human Rights Lawyer.

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador: Stepping into leadership roles within the college has taught me a lot about being responsible for myself and others. My involvement in extracurricular activities has shaped my academic success and given me personal strength and I believe that being a Student Ambassador will help me build my confidence and drive to go after my dreams, but most importantly to be of service to others.

Name: Tim Radley Jr.

Where I am from: Syracuse, NY

About me: "Stay positive and love your life!" - 311
Words I strive to live by each and every day in pursuit of becoming a teacher. I love the great outdoors, live music, and helping other people reach their goals. It takes a village to raise a child, and I'm just happy to be in the mix!

Why I became a CPCC Student Ambassador:I believe it is my life's calling to become an educator and the Ambassador program is teaching me how to become a great one. Between helping other students realize their dreams and being active in the community, this program is giving me the real life experience I need to be successful in the future!