College Connection: CMS High School students

College Connection is an early registration opportunity during the month of April for current CMS high school seniors. Between May and August, please follow the college enrollment steps.

Our program allows for a greater selection of classes to be able to tailor your college schedule around home and work. View our College Connection brochure or submit our form if you would like to be contacted about participating.

In order to participate in College Connection please complete the following steps:

Step 1: Complete Admissions Application To CPCC
Within an hour, you should receive an email with your Student ID Number.  You will need that number when creating your CPCC login.

View a video on how to complete the admissions application.

NOTE: All graduating high school seniors regardless of residency status will need to complete the Residency Determination Service (RDS) interview if the student plans to register for a term starting after his or her HS graduation. We recommend that the student completes the RDS interview when he or she completes the FAFSA form as the documentation referenced will be similar.

Step 2: Create Your CPCC Login (Username And Password)
You will be assigned a username and must create a password to complete your CPCC login. This login is required to access your personal information such as financial aid documentation, academic records and student email account.  It is also required to log on to the computers at any CPCC campus.

View a video on how to create a CPCC login.

Step 3: Set Up Your CPCC Student Email
CPCC provides an official email account to each student.  The CPCC Google email is our official means of communicating with students and is used by Financial Aid, the Cashiering Office, instructors, advisors, for campus alerts and much more.  Check your CPCC email every day.

View a video on how to set up your student email.

Step 4: Complete FAFSA to begin the financial aid process, if needed. (School Code: 002915)  *This step takes several weeks to process so please proceed to the next step while waiting on your Financial Aid award response. You will not get an award letter until after your official high school transcript is received.

You can also complete our online scholarship application.

View a video on how to apply for financial aid.

Step 5: Study For the placement tests using the Practice Tests and Review Videos. Then take your placement tests. The placement tests are now mandatory, but some students may qualify for a test waiver based on SAT/ACT test scores or high school GPA.

A recruiter will come to your school during the month of February or March to administer the test on-site. Please see your CDC or guidance counselor for more information. We will also offer Saturday testing twice during the month of March at a CPCC campus.

View a video on the placement test.

Step 6: Sign up for classes when you come to a CPCC campus if you attend a CMS school in April.  Please click here to see your Recruiter to assist you along the way.

Step 7: Submit high school transcripts once you have graduated.

Step 8: Pay for classes, or confirm that you have a Financial Aid award by the payment due date.

Step 9: Attend an orientation session during the summer before you begin your first semester at CPCC.