Continuous Bridge

Continuous Bridge is a program that focuses on Student Success. Continuous Bridge provides students essential information that will attribute to their success at Central Piedmont Community College. The Continuous Bridge HRD course was created to provide students career and academic guidance while taking courses at CPCC. The HRD course will prompt students to answer three important questions: What are your educational goals, career goals, and when do you plan to graduate? The HRD course is 2 ½ hours a day for four days; this particular HRD course is a free course students can elect to take. During class students will receive assistance with defining a career and receive math instruction through EDReady. EDReady is an online supplemental math instruction that provides instructional help for students to improve their knowledge in arithmetic and algebra. Studies have shown completing developmental math is critical to the persistence of college. Students will have a goal to meet with EDReady in order to be eligible to retest, which may allow them to move into a higher DMA or college level math course.

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