Health and Physical Education Courses (HEA & PED)

Q. Does HEA 130 count as a HPE college transfer credit?

A: No, it only counts as a three hour free elective, that is offered via the internet.

Q. Are there other HEA/PED courses that count for college transfer?

A: Yes, all the other ones listed above count for college transfer EXCEPT HEA 130.

Q. Does the college still offer weekend (Saturday/Sunday) courses for l hour credit?

A: Yes, rockclimbing, kayaking , backpacking, and orienteering, are still offered in this format.

Q. Are there any activity courses still offered?

A: Yes, on Central, North, Levine and some off campus areas.

Q. Can I challenge HEA112 and all PED courses?

A: HEA 112 and all PED courses listed can be challenged. You must be competent in the skills as well as written subject matter.

Q: When does the Schedule of classes come out?

A: http://www.cpcc.edu/admissions/

Q: I am a new student; what is the first step in applying to the college?

A: New students need to first meet with a counselor in the Central High building (2nd floor) and then , complete an Admissions Form. The counselor will help you determine which Placement Tests you need to take before registering for that term.

Q: If a signature is required for me to register for a course, do I have to wait until the faculty members come back to be registered?

A: The Division Director or Registrar can give permission, unless the class is full or has begun.

Q. If a signature is NOT required, can I register for these courses?

A: Yes, you can. You can register online, and in person at Central High as long as you have taken courses at CPCC before and do not have a current block on your file.

Q: What is the latest date that I can register?

A: The Friday before classes begin, however, we highly recommend registering early, especially for General Education courses, which fill up quickly. You can register any time from now until classes begin. Again, please note that HEA and PED courses fill up EXTREMELY quick!

Q: Where can I get general information about the HEA and PED courses during the summer?

A: The Catalog is available online on our website at www.cpcc.edu. You can also purchase a catalog in our Bookstore on Elizabeth Avenue in the Taylor Building.

Q: When do discipline chairs and faculty return to CPCC?

A: Monday August 2, 2004.

Q: When do the terms begin and end?

A: Fall Semester 2004 begins August 16, 2004- December 11, 2004.

Spring semester 2005 is January 8, 2005 through May 10, 2005.