Journalism courses available at three campuses in fall 2012

last modified Apr 16, 2012 11:45 AM

If you’ve taken ENG111, register now for journalism and media courses in fall 2012.

CPCC students who have successfully completed Expository Writing (ENG111) are now eligible to take Introduction to Journalism (JOU110) and Writing for Mass Media (JOU216) in Fall 2012.

Both courses are part of CPCC’s new, expanded journalism curriculum. They also are college transfer electives and are part of the Mass Communication/Journalism pre-major.

JOU110 - Introduction to Journalism, at Cato and Levine Campus: Students will learn reporting, news gathering and interviewing techniques. They will write news, feature and sports articles and cover issues and events. This course develops core news reporting skills necessary for print, web and broadcast journalism. Register soon. This class meets the requirements for a Writing Intensive transfer course.

JOU216 - Writing for Mass Media, Central Campus: Students will learn reporting and writing techniques for print, radio, television and web media. They will also complete public relations and advertising projects and develop broadcast reporting packages using digital video cameras and editing software. Register soon. This class is not offered every semester.

For more information, please contact Liz Rogers at 704.330.6063.