CPCC Employee Contributes to NCCET 2012 White Paper

last modified Dec 14, 2012 11:58 AM

CPCC would like to congratulate Mona Rabon, director of leadership, management and professional development in corporate and continuing education, on her contributions to the National Council of Continuing Education & Training’s 2012 white paper, “Delivering the Programs that Industry Needs.”

Rabon, together with representatives from three other NCCET member institutions, compiled a 17-page paper that focused on a specific workforce program at their respective institution that met industry or workforce needs.

Rabon’s contribution, titled “Putting People Back to Work with Re-Careering Services,” outlined how CPCC’s Re-Careering Services helps unemployed professionals re-enter the workforce with new skills.

As the white paper states, CPCC, together with other community colleges across the country, have taken innovative approaches to training people for jobs in demand. Re-Careering Services is just one initiative that is supporting this national trend and is helping build a stronger Mecklenburg County workforce in the process.

To read the NCCET’s 2012 white paper, please click here.