Terrence Alford

Spring 2012

Terrence Alford's Success Story

To Terrence Alford, CPCC's Minority Male Mentoring program represents opportunity: the opportunity to connect to valuable resources and achieve his academic goals.

The Minority Male Mentoring program has been instrumental to Terrence's success as a CPCC student. As a double major, Terrence is enrolled in both the Associate in Art and Associate in Science programs, it's been imperative that he remain focused on his studies as he strives to one day transfer to a four-year college or university.

The Minority Male Mentoring program is providing him with this focus. The College's team has provided him with a sense of belonging. CPCC has supported him in his studies by providing him with tutoring assistance and identifying a mentor, and connected him to important on-campus programs, such as student government and student life, where he could practice his leadership skills.

This collective effort is working. As a result of his affiliation with the Minority Male Mentoring program, Terrence has already been on a number of college tours, completed numerous college applications with the assistance of the Minority Male Mentoring staff and is in the process of vetting four-year universities to ensure he finds the right college for him.

“CPCC's Minority Male Mentoring team has helped me overcome so many academic barriers,” said Terrence. “ I am extremely thankful to the team for all they have done, and continue to do, to ensure my future success as a student and working professional.”