Jamal Tate

Spring 2012

Jamal Tate's Success Story

After narrowly escaping from being placed on academic probation as a first-year student, Jamal Tate, an Associate in Science major at CPCC, knew that he had to make a change.

During his Summer Bridge Program experience – a six-week program that prepares students for the academic demands they will face as a CPCC student – Jamal learned about CPCC's Minority Male Mentoring Program.

He quickly sought assistance from the Minority Male Mentoring team, who created a program that would help boost Jamal's grades. Jamal embraced the action plan by attending weekly meetings, receiving life counseling, tutoring and class placement services and participating in the program's ACA class series in order to learn how to study more efficiently and how to utilize to CPCC's resources.

Today, Jamal is maintaining an above average grade point average. Thanks to his affiliation with the Minority Male Mentoring program, he has not only seen his grades improve, but he has also had the opportunity to visit neighboring colleges and attend various lectures and cultural events about diversity and how the minority male population can make a positive change in society.

As Jamal moves forward with his aspirations of earning a scholarship and transferring to a four-year institution he remains thankful to CPCC's Minority Male Mentoring Program staff.

“The Minority Male Mentoring Program has helped me come out of my shell and has supplied me with the resources I need to succeed in life and in college,” explains Jamal.