Keynote for Educational Institutions


This presentation, based on a research study funded by the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Workforce Developments Board, explores the differences in generations and the implications for education and the workforce.  The society that raised each generation has contributed to their unique set of characteristics.  The millennial generation is the generation of children born between 1982 and 2002, some 81 million children who have taken over K-12, have already entered college. The last group of millennials will enter college in 2020.   
The real challenge for K-12 institutions, colleges and universities is offering programs and services using up-to-date technology, keeping them challenged and interested and teaching students whose most consistent teacher has been a computer. This generation has been influenced by societal changes and have a unique set of characteristics that sets them apart from previous generations.  College and university faculty have been very frustrated with the expectations of this generation.
This keynote presentation is ideally designed to be given as a 1 ½ -2 hour presentation to the entire staff of an institution.  The information is applicable to faculty, students services staff, the library, the financial services area and anyone who serves or deals with students. The information presented will give your faculty and staff a new perspective on these students and help them move toward solutions.

After the morning presentation, a 2-3 hour afternoon workshop can be held as a college-wide event or as a faculty-only training session (if the college chooses).  This session is delivered in a “breakout-group” setting with scenarios and printed materials that help faculty/staff process through issues such as communication policies, cheating/plagiarism, cell phone usage, casual emails (in IM language), increased need for student services, dealing with parents and the low technology usage/abilities of approximately 1/3 of the population.   See instructions for workshop.