Keynote for K-12 Institutions


Who are the Millennials?

The millennial generation is the group of children born between 1982 and 2002, some 81 million children who have taken over K-12, have already entered college and the workforce.  This generation will replace the Baby-boomers as they retire.  

The millennials have different characteristics than any generation before them and in order to serve them better, K-12 institutions are having to change the way they do business. The millennials have grown up in a society that is very different than any group before them. They have been plugged into technology since they were babies, are a safe generation, are the first generation for which Hispanics/Latinos will be the largest minority group instead of African Americans and have the most educated mothers of any generation before them.  They are the most scheduled generation ever, are true multi-taskers, expect to have 6-8 careers in their lifetime and are attracted to diverse environments. They have different expectations of school, coursework, and the role of their teachers.

The millennial student has been a different animal than seen before in schools.  K-12 institutions are wondering how to motivate and meet the expectations of this generation while dealing with their intensely involved parents.