Our Services


At the CPCC Center for Military Families & Veterans we provide life-long education and career development of those who have served and their family members consistent with their needs, interests, and abilities as they transition.


Our vision is to help our clients develop 21st Century Life Skills while enhancing the economic, social and cultural growth of our community.

Academic Advising for Military Families & Veterans

These services include group advising, one on one advising, and various workshops. In addition to these services we provide referrals to program specific faculty advisors and other departments throughout Central Piedmont Community College.

Career Services & Resources for Military Families & Veterans

These service assist in resume building, translating military experience into civilian experience, and career transition planning.  We conduct outreach to local businesses and industries to identify opportunities and career mentors.

Connecting to Community Resources

These service helps you connect to various community resources for financial assistance, housing, food, legal aid, mental health, and emergency assistance.

Counseling Services for Military Families & Veterans

These services are provided to veterans and their family members, ages 18 years and older, counseling can be related to academics and/or personal challenges.

Transitioning Services for Military Families & Veterans

These services assist service members with transitioning from military to civilian life. Services include accounting for the loss of income, family needs, potential relocation and many other factors need to be considered.