Employee Recognition Awards

2015 Employee Recognition Award Winner

Part-time Employee, Carol Braitman

Carol Braitman has been a dependable, student-centered employee at CPCC since 2010.  In her time here at the College, she has been able to achieve a genuine working relationship with all of the staff around her in the Academic Learning Center, but most importantly, she is consistently friendly, encouraging, patient, and kind while tutoring students at the Levine Campus with their writing needs in Developmental English up to and including college-level writing in all disciplines.

2015  Employee Recognition Award Winner

Classified Staff, Wendy O'Neill

Wendy O’Neill received accolades from not only staff in her department but from colleagues in several other departments as well as students who describe her as someone who has been instrumental in their success. She is a truly collaborative team player with a bright smile and listening ear to share with everyone.  Her organizational skills, supportive nature, professionalism, and unwavering respect for everyone she encounters makes her a tremendous asset to the College. Student Life involves dozens of employees and hundreds of students working at each campus and throughout the community, so there is a large variety of questions and concerns that she handles masterfully every day. As their administrative assistant, Wendy displays her patience, attention to detail, and loyalty in an exemplary manner.


2015 Employee Recognition Award Winner

Administrator/ Professional Staff, Gloria Reddon

Gloria Reddon supports each and every one of us by making herself accessible and being responsive to requests and inquiries, many of which are time-sensitive.  This is especially noteworthy considering the College has more than 1100 full-time employees.  She is well-organized, thorough, and patient.  Whether there is a need to add your child to your dental insurance or a question about the retirement process, this person is well-informed, knowledgeable, and willing to walk employees through to a resolution. Congratulations to Gloria Reddon, Benefits Specialist, for her exemplary service to the College.

2015 Employee Recognition Award Winner

Instructor, Lisa Spring

Lisa Spring was recognized because of her unparalleled dedication, enthusiasm, and contributions, especially to her division.  She has worked behind-the-scenes for more than 10 years as a trusted and informed source of information, a content expert who has made it a priority to stay up-to-date in her field, a discipline chair who integrates part-time faculty into the department, and a model instructor who values working with her students to ensure that the meet her high academic standards. Her unique insight allows her to connect with her students and their challenges to encourage them to succeed. She is known for being very tough but her strict attention to detail gives the students the structure they need.  Congratulations to Lisa Spring, Biology Discipline Chair and Microbiology Instructor, for her recognition as the Faculty award winner.



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