Employee Recognition Awards

2015 Fall Recognition Award Winner

Part-time Employee

Part of what keeps our instructional programs so relevant and vibrant are the excellent part-time instructors who bring their work experiences and expertise into the classroom. Christine Leimer is able to reach diverse learners academically and personally.  Through those connections, she brings students together to create a fully engaged classroom. As a colleague, she is always approachable and highly dignified which makes her a valued member of her division. Christine’s tireless energy and enthusiasm as a CPCC instructor and Music Resources Learning Specialist brings an insightful intelligence and perceptive mind to her roles here at the College. The CPCC Music Department says that they would be unable to function without Christine.

2015 Fall Employee Recognition Award Winner

Classified Staff

The College recognizes the contributions of our Classified Staff and this award winner exemplifies the best of CPCC. Maria Harrell not only performs all duties as assigned, but she educates herself of other personnel responsibilities to assist her department with the myriad of daily issues that arise. In addition to her service to the College, she serves the community through the Big Sister’s program and the Humane Society of Charlotte.  Maria’s positive spirit is endless, and her willingness to accomplish team goals is inspiring.  She is the glue that holds the many factions of Facilities Services together and makes them a unified, organized, exemplary team.


2015 Fall Employee Recognition Award Winner

Administrator/ Professional Staff

Karen Merriman has been described as caring, knowledgeable, funny, a key go-to person, a consummate professional, and not surprisingly, a wonderful leader.  She inspires innovating thinking among her team to promote quality programs in an environment where change is constant.  While she can easily talk about higher education at the theoretical or conceptual level, she is also willing to get in the weeds to get things done. This administrator’s nomination letters repeatedly noted that whether working with faculty or staff, Karen always puts student success at the forefront of every decision and supports her team allowing them to grow and expand their expertise and offerings for the college community and is not afraid to speak her mind, or her heart, for the best interest of the students.


2015 Fall Employee Recognition Award Winner


Christie Williams has displayed what one nominator described as a never-ending commitment to the College.  One student commented that she was intimidated to start classes, but this instructor went above expectations to make sure that she was successful in the class by being very personable, but at the same time, strict to make sure that we each were on track with our assignments.  As her responsibilities as a CPCC employee increased, so have Christine’s influence.  She is constantly working with part-time instructors, collaborating with faculty, and remedying student concerns.  When the College transitioned from 16-week developmental math courses to 4-week courses, her experience played a critical role in shaping the way course content is now offered to students.




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