Eyes on You Award - Fall 2016

Fall 2016 Winners

Donald Michael, Jennifer Perkins, Dr. Farhad Javidi, Elizabeth Mitchell and Tony Jones

Eyes on You Nominees for Fall 2016

Nicole Ashton was nominated by Bree Rivers who said, “I met Nicole Ashton on a Curriculum and Instruction team for reading and noticed immediately that she stood up for best practices for students, instructors, and the department as whole.  With her tireless work ethic, educational technology skills, and the college and departmental information she possessed, I soon began to look at her as a mentor.”

Jessica Boyce was nominated by Lashanda Robinson who said, “Jessica Boyce is one of the most thoughtful and helpful individuals I have ever met. She performs a wide range of duties including preparing financial reports, researching issues, and providing assistance to various departments throughout the College. Although she is an accountant and not an instructor, she goes out of her way on a regular basis to teach and support employees.”

Angela Cook was nominated by Chris Patera who said, “If you find yourself in Sloan Morgan, you will find Angela preparing for her division’s needs, getting access cards for music students needing practice rooms, or humming the soundtrack to the hit play Hamilton. She enjoys making processes more efficient and being as proactive as possible. If there is a process that can be improved and made smoother, I can guarantee that she has a plan to make it happen.”

Nattasha Counts was nominated by Karen Piette who said, “Natasha teaches in medical laboratory technology and medical assisting. She always has a positive attitude and her behaviors are aligned with the College's student success initiatives. She collaborates between two different departments and is always ready to give a helping hand.”

Rich Davis was nominated by Brian Lucas who said, “Rich Davis has been an absolute rock for the welding program. He's the hardest working man in showbiz. Rich comes in early and stays late to make sure that our bustling program stays running true to course. Never one to back down from a challenge, Rich is always on the ball with what we need and what we will need to move forward. Rich's dedication to staff, students, and the college are readily apparent in everything he does.”

Heather Felts was nominated by Renee Davis who said, “Heather was promoted from Gallery Assistant to Gallery Coordinator while working as a student here at CPCC. Heather has an expert eye and true instinct for curatorial design, and this is why CPCC's galleries are so beautiful. Heather is responsible for the layout, hangs all the artwork and sculptures, and sets the lighting and wall colors. She is a true team player always willing to provide the best possible experience for our students who visit the Gallery.”

Melissa Granados was nominated by Ryan Bean who said, “Melissa goes above and beyond her job description as a mathematics curriculum coach. She supports faculty and frequently provides encouragement, support, and guidance to students. As a colleague, Melissa is an essential piece of many teams, each of which get her full attention. She will make you feel as if your project is the only thing currently on her plate.”

Dr. Farhad Javidi nominated by Stephen Chapman who said, “If you've ever met Dr. Javidi, you know that he champions reason and understanding above ego and bravado, thus fostering a uniquely healthy learning environment. Whether it is teaching a class, spearheading a collaboration within CPCC, or otherwise, Dr. Javidi seeks to create success for others --and he does all this as a proud bastion of the college. As such, those who might speak favorably of Dr. Javidi inevitably speak favorably of CPCC in the same breath.”

Tony Jones was nominated by Adam Hypes who said, “Tony's value to this college is priceless. Counseling requires a great deal of devotion, professionalism, and care. He is able to uphold the highest level of integrity and assist students through programs and personal counseling in a manner which best helps each individual student. I admire his technique of balancing student care with his many job responsibilities which include programming, administration, counseling, and collaboration.”

Donald Michael was nominated by a colleague who said, “Don is a liaison between the Information Technology and Research Services Unit and the Learning and Workforce Development Unit. He plays a key role in providing insight on technology to help faculty and staff and has also led CPCC’s efforts as part of a city-wide collaboration to help improve digital literacy rates in the community. Don is also involved with the Man-Up program. There is no doubt that he unselfishly lends his expertise and life experiences to help these young people become the best version of themselves.”

Elizabeth Mitchell was nominated by Alison von Briesen who said, “Elizabeth Mitchell is warm, supportive, and cares deeply for her students. Her integrity and dedication to the craft of teaching are evident in the long hours she spends at CPCC. One of the most endearing characteristics of Elizabeth is that she is extremely humble. She doesn’t dominate conversations; she listens patiently and only contributes what she feels is relevant. She is reserved and wouldn’t necessarily take credit for all the wonderful contributions she makes to CPCC.”

Nichole Patterson was nominated by Desiree Griffin who said, “Nichole Patterson handles multiple responsibilities in support of the college's strategic goals. She works well with students through quietly defusing countless student issues which escalate directly from the campuses to the President's and Vice President's offices. Nichole receives countless emails and words of appreciation from many students. Nichole Patterson serves daily with compassion, patience, a well-balanced demeanor, and the ability to interface well with faculty and students.”

Jennifer Perkins was nominated by Donna Housman who said, “Jennifer Perkins is the type of instructor every student would like to have. She is always willing to try new learning techniques in class and is a huge proponent of active learning. I believe Jennifer is a passionate and dedicated member of our CPCC faculty who is committed to student success. I often say to her, ‘How do you get all of this done?’ She is always willing to share ideas with her colleagues and focuses daily on the progress of her students.”

Christie Rife was nominated by Staci Jones who said, “Christie Rife is optimistic, yet practical, and a great problem solver.  Anytime our team needs something related to our course curriculum, faculty support, training, and students, Christie is there working tirelessly to support us with a smile. She is the glue that keeps our program solid and moving forward. She truly shows the best of us how to multitask and get things done in a timely manner. Christie has been a beacon of light for our department, and we appreciate all of her diverse skills and the experience that she brings to our DRE program.”

Erin Rumble was nominated by a colleague who said, “Erin Rumble seems born to do the job of a Student Counselor at CPCC. After only being at CPCC just a few years, she already has extensive knowledge of CPCC advising and campus programming, which she shares enthusiastically with students and staff alike. Erin’s interactions are always informative and empower students or staff to be autonomous, independent, responsible learners. She is super-efficient and somehow manages to fit more and more accomplishments into each day.”

Rhonda Satchell was nominated by Charles Malloy who said, “Rhonda is the consummate professional. She is one of the most helpful and considerate people I have ever worked with. She is patient with students as well as faculty and staff. She believes that a safe environment is paramount to student learning and success. Rhonda is responsible for the security and safety of the three CPCC campuses. She adjusts her schedule based on what she knows about our students and their needs and interests, as well as the needs and interests of the campuses under her responsibilty.”

Delois Wilds was nominated by Samantha Beard who said, “Delois Wilds, also known as the ‘Queen of Hiring Packets,’ is an ace when it comes to new processes and organization. She recognizes that with the large volume of hiring in the Learning Unit, manual processes will not always suffice. She collaborated with several areas to create a workflow process that aids both the Human Resources and Payroll areas. Our department always knows that we can call her when we have questions related to Learning Unit positions – she usually has a very resourceful response, and if not, she will certainly find out!”

Janael Yowell was nominated by Melissa Hammill who said, “Janael is not only admired by the students she serves, but is regarded as a leader among her colleagues. One of her greatest achievements at CPCC has been through her leadership of the UNCC Passport Program. At first glance, it appeared she was calmly taking on the role by maintaining this partnership, but a closer look revealed that she was moving the program to a new level. Through Janael's guidance and the support of our team, the Passport Program has grown from under 100 students to nearly 300 students in this year's cohort.”

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