Eyes on You Award

Eyes on You Winners for Fall 2014

L-R: Beau Bowers, David Favre, Hoa Nguyen, Krystal Crowe, Sam McCord

Beau Bowers was nominated by Richard Coulter, who said, “Beau sets the bar high for CPCC instructors. Although he always downplays his individual role in making the college a better place to learn, it is obvious that our students are more knowledgeable, curious, and better critical thinkers because of his dedication to his fields of History and Anthropology and his involvement in campus life. Beau is a real intellectual, always reading something new in his fields. He gladly shares these new ideas and discoveries with students and colleagues. He is a very student-centered instructor; for example, his dedication to students includes his role as the Phi Theta Kappa faculty advisor. He knows the active members of this group very well, attending their ceremonies, traveling with them on service trips (during his fall break), and tirelessly answering questions and reviewing applications from new and potential members.”

David Favre was nominated by Jeri Guido, who said, “Dave is an exceptional leader and role model. His supreme work ethic and dedication to student success is unmatched. Dave is always willing to go the extra mile to empower students, faculty, and staff to meet and exceed their goals. Dave is also a visionary and looks for innovative partnerships and collaborations that will enhance student success. He has developed partnerships that allow students to gain cutting-edge technology training as well as opportunities for employment once the training is complete. Dave’s door is always open and he welcomes everyone to stop by and chat – but be prepared to take a tour or be shown some new piece of equipment. When he is not giving tours or in meetings, he frequently drops in on classes and works side-by-side with students.”

Hoa Nguyen was nominated by April Root, who said, “Hoa Nguyen provides exemplary support to ESL students and staff at Harper Campus, where he serves as the lab facilitator in the Adult ESL Language Resource Center. Hoa has the heart of a true servant leader. He anticipates the needs of students, staff, and the program and takes the initiative to provide support at every level. Never hesitating to offer his assistance for anyone in need, he is truly a great ambassador for our department, and by extension, for CPCC.”

Krystal Crowe was nominated by one of her colleagues, who said, “Krystal works tirelessly as a servant leader, whether at CPCC or in the community. She leads creative programs for students and has become the cheerful new face of the Harper Campus. Krystal is open to new ideas and looks for better ways to do things. She brings people together for the benefit of academic programs and for the education of students. For example, she created the Harper Summit, which is now a large annual event honoring and celebrating the trades, our programs at Harper Campus, and all of the student clubs. She also developed IGN1TE, a student leadership experience that is powered by the social justice leadership model.”

Sam McCord was nominated by Martha Ingel, who said, “Sam has a big job that requires attention to detail, sensitivity to student needs, and excellent planning and organizational skills. Not only does Sam work diligently to provide communication access services and effective sign language interpreting for CPCC’s students who are deaf and hard of hearing, he also consistently strives for innovation that will foster student success and learning. Sam collaborates with other programs and areas of the college for the best interests of student learning and development. Students can count on Sam to give them honest and clear feedback on their work and compassionate, professional guidance as they consider career options. In March, Sam will celebrate his 34th year at CPCC!”



Dena Shonts was nominated by Scott Diegmann, who said, “Dena is an outgoing, personable, and well-spoken individual. She is constantly looking for ways to implement programs to help student achieve their goals. Dena excels in bringing unrelated disciplines together to collaborate on new ideas and approaches in achieving student success. With any new situation or resource, her focus is ‘How can I make this help students or staff?’ Dena has a positive attitude about everything she undertakes. It is impossible to be around Dena and not share in that optimism.”

Inez Lawrence was nominated by Niem Le, who said, “For over 35 years, Inez Lawrence has been nothing short of an outstanding and valuable contributor to our college, serving in a variety of roles. What I've seen is a person of selflessness, who places the needs of others, especially our students, first. She treats students with the utmost patience and respect as she guides them through the enrollment and registration processes. She makes certain that students’ goals are met before they leave her registration area. Inez brings up new ideas and suggestions to improve the effectiveness and overall experience for students.”

Jeffrey Rivenbark was nominated by Elizabeth Reath, who said, “Jeff is great behind the scenes at WTVI working as administrator, researcher, volunteer coordinator, public relations advocate, and team enthusiast! Jeff exemplifies the Learning College's purpose which is to share knowledge. By interviewing and obtaining station volunteers, many whom are students or recent graduates, he provides "hands-on" experience in the real world of television. This is a key principle of a learning centered college - to engage learners as full partners in the learning process and to assist them in participating in collaborative learning opportunities.”

Jenn Chander was nominated by Pat Nash, who said, “It takes a certain talent to be able to collaborate with colleagues across units. Jenn accomplishes this with ease and is comfortable interacting with the entire community at the Merancas Campus. She meets the needs of the faculty by taking the time to meticulously cater her presentations to fit her audience. She accepts any opportunity to assist the faculty in preparing students for their careers. Faculty consistently request classroom visits so that Jenn can share her expertise with students. Jenn is also pursuing her doctorate and sets the bar high for herself and her students.”

Marianne Lyall-Knusel was nominated by Pedro Galvan, who said, “Marianne is thorough, detail-oriented, dependable, dedicated, and a team player. She is admired for her dynamic and proactive approach to her job, anticipating which situations may become problems and acting on them right away. Marianne always takes an innovative approach to the job, constantly looking for ways to improve the program, the department, and the college at large. Student success is her topmost priority and she has forged strong partnership bonds with community-based organizations, helping consolidate CPCC's reputation as a collaborative institution.”

Mary Whitley was nominated by Barbara Tehrani, who said, “Because the majority of Mary’s work is completed behind the scenes, she often is not recognized for the tremendous effort she puts forth on a daily basis. Since her means of transportation is the city bus, schedule adjustments aren’t easy for her, but she manages without ever complaining. Her can-do attitude is contagious and uplifting to be around. I have never once heard her complain about her work load or the additional responsibilities put on her plate. Mary is a vital part of the Harris Conference Center Team and is always willing to lend a hand, no matter what may be going on. She greets everyone on the Harris Campus with a friendly smile, making them feel welcome and a part of the CPCC community. Mary treats all who cross her path at CPCC with dignity and respect. She has a kind word for everyone that she meets and is genuinely concerned about everyone’s well being.”

Nakia Tootle was nominated by Lorraine Blahnik, who said, “Nakia Tootle is simply an incredible employee. She is very detailed and thorough and everything she touches is always correct and very well documented. Her co-workers in the program areas she supports respect her and find her very dependable; you'll never hear any complaints about her work.She definitely is not one who wants to be the center of attention, yet her quality of work deserves to be showcased. Having a very quiet demeanor and a behind-the-scenes kind of position, her work can be easily overlooked. Her position, however, is absolutely necessary to the success of particular program areas. Nakia focuses on the needs of the learner – What would be best for the student? How should this issue be handled so that the student is impacted least? There are probably very few people who could manage her workload and still come to work smiling. She should be recognized for her integrity, professionalism, and positive attitude.”

Ojay Johnson was nominated by Tieren Evans, who said, “Ojay has ascended the administrative ranks at a fast rate, in part because he emphasizes service to the students and also pays careful attention to make sure his staff is not worn down. Although he has many meetings and important duties to attend to, he never neglects what drives the basis for this department – students. He’s an advocate for students and his staff. He’s fair, accommodating, and not afraid to get his hands dirty. Ojay never seeks acknowledgement for all that he does. In fact, he prefers to brag about others and how they have worked hard to maintain the First-Year Advising department. He really does exemplify the definition of TEAM within his department.”

Pamela Brower was nominated by Eleanor Henry, who said, “Pamela Brower is always smiling and helpful to our students and staff. She arrives at work early and stays late to make sure our digital equipment is running for dental labs. Pamela is ready to help when we have a “glitch” so the students and patients do not have to wait. Her willingness to come to our rescue has saved the day for us many times! She is aware that down time is not only inconvenient, but also a deterrent to learning. Pamela has helped our department install new equipment in pre-clinic and radiography labs so our students can work with the latest technology. She has spent time with our faculty and staff to educate us on how to use equipment so we may better serve our students.”

Paula Smith was nominated by Isaac Payne, who said, “Paula Smith is not only a kind person and a joy to work with, but she also serves as a great inspiration for students, teachers and staff at CPCC. Paula has created a welcoming and highly organized environment in the ceramics department. She motivates students with her innovative lessons that are accessible, interactive and enlightening. In addition to her great teaching accomplishments, Paula has continually challenged herself and advanced her professional career as an artist, enabling her to share new ideas and technologies. With her students, Paula created the beautiful 8x8 foot ‘Coneflower’ mural. Recently, Paula pioneered a new class project in collaboration with the Math Emporium. The math-inspired artworks hanging on the walls will help make math fundamentals visible to students while they are learning math. Her assignments excite and challenge her students at all levels.”

Reggie Pincham was nominated by Nakeshia Staley, who said, “Reggie is a phenomenally positive and humble leader. As ESS Director at Levine Campus, he has many responsibilities but always has time to provide professional advice and assistance with remarkable patience and tact. From visiting Student Government Association meetings, to assisting the Adult Non-traditional Student Program, to serving as a mentor for the ManUp Program, Reggie seeks opportunities to lend his expertise and gain additional knowledge and understanding of our students and their specific needs. Reggie effortlessly and consistently exhibits motivation, dedication, trustworthiness, flexibility and selflessness when interacting with others. His cheerful demeanor is admirable and makes him a deserving and highly suitable candidate for the Eyes on You Learning College Award.”

Teeku Patel was nominated by Diann Back, who said, “Teeku personifies the following words: professional, caring, dependable, customer-service oriented, approachable, knowledgeable, humble, talented, open, collaborative, patient, good-humored, respectful, and personable. While training, Teeku is patient with his trainees, always considers their background in preparing his material, and encourages questions. In spite of his many talents, Teeku remains "down-to-earth" and approachable, and his door is always open. He respectfully takes care of all issues in a timely manner, and it is obvious that he really cares about people and the quality of service he delivers. Teeku displays his eagerness to learn every day; if he doesn't know the answer to a problem, he researches until he has the correct response for faculty and staff. Teeku is a great employee—always learning, always ready to help others, and always good-humored in every task he undertakes.”

Terry McMicking was nominated by Grace Cote, who said, “Terry has shown extreme dedication to an often overlooked corner of CPCC, the jewelry department, one of the best in the region. Terry opens the jewelry studio every Saturday, all day long, on her own unpaid time, just in case anyone wants to come work on projects. Without these big efforts focused on a small corner of CPCC, the jewelry department would have died out years ago. Terry works to keep it alive because she believes in the value of producing work from one’s own hands and created from one’s own vision. Because of Terry’s dedication, many students now have access to a superior program.”

Trish Brotbeck was nominated by Rose Mary Seymour, who said, “Trish is generous, friendly, and cooperative with the many faculty and administrators who count on her assistance. She anticipates needs for activities, so that they can be completed with the least difficulty. Trish’s penchant for continuous improvement is evident in how projects she supports continue to improve from her suggestions. She never hesitates to find the answer to questions about policy, procedures, or who to talk to about issues that arise in carrying out the STEM Program’s mission. She goes beyond her basic duties in support of special activities for student recruitment, student retention, and faculty appreciation. Trish understands and represents well the goals of CPCC to do what is best for our students and our community. She is persistent and dedicated and that makes things run more smoothly for those who work in the department and the students that we serve.”

Eyes On You Winners Spring 2014


L-R: Danielle Jones, Ray Green, William Love (not pictured: Mark Coltrain)

Chris Brawley was nominated by Mark Helms who said, “Chris is a warm, friendly, personable instructor who challenges his students to learn and grow in the classroom, on campus, and in the community.  Always willing to support initiatives that enrich the learning experience of students and employees, Chris is compassionate, attentive, encouraging, and nurturing.  He is a great listener, and his success in the classroom and with his colleagues is built on strong relationships. Chris was one of the original service-learning pioneers 11 years ago, and has continued to implement a service component in his courses. He has presented many service-learning workshops on campus and at state conferences, supporting the efforts of other faculty members as they develop service-learning courses.  Chris has a long track record of engaging his students in a proactive way, meeting them where they are, engaging and challenging them, showing empathy and concern for them, but also holding them to high academic standards.”

Danielle Jones was nominated by Kathy Watkins who said, “Danielle Jones demonstrates behaviors that define what it means to be an exceptional teacher and learner.  She has a calm and confident demeanor that earns her the respect and trust of both students and colleagues.  She exudes a kindness that makes her easy to approach and she is always willing to help. Danielle was instrumental in assisting with the implementation of new biosafety regulations for microbiology labs from the American Society of Microbiology.  These new procedures reduce the risk of bacterial contamination thus providing a safer learning environment for the students. Danielle has also been participating in the IPad pilot program using the IPad to improve student engagement and learning in microbiology.”

Mark Coltrain was nominated by Patricia Bostian who said, “Mark is a great researcher, loves to help students,  and focuses on the needs of the learners, even with projects that may not fall under his job description. As a consummate researcher, Mark has learned how to help the students in my class with an assignment. By doing so, he helped me offer students a more complex learning experience that served them in many ways beyond my classroom or even CPCC.”

Ray Green was nominated by Steppen Murphy who said, “Ray, our chemistry lab facilitator, is caring, helpful and generous. If anyone needs help at the college, they know they can count on him to do all that he can. Ray is always going above and beyond for the student. He works with chemistry students outside the classroom, even students who are not in his classes, to help them understand the scientific concepts and solve problems. He really strives to make sure students have all the resources they need to be successful. In addition, he helps organize social excursions, working to get everybody in the science department together. He is the "glue" that helps bind us together.”

William Love was nominated by Sandee Patton who said, “William is committed to serving veterans in his role at the college and understands the unique situations that veterans face regarding their educational benefits.  He works diligently to process military paperwork, sponsorships, bills, and payments promptly.  These may seem like small feats but to a veteran, timeliness and efficiency are important in the handling of their accounts. He stays updated on VA Regulations so he can feel confident when discussing the student's expected refund and he communicates with the VA Office when necessary for additional information. William wears many hats well. He is compassionate and continually looks for ways to improve his services to students and other departments at the college.”


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