Eyes on You Award - Spring 2017

Spring 2017 Winners

Spring 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the Spring 2017 Winners: Timothy Graham, Christy Case, Darcy Sosko, and Erica Greenlee. Christine Sargeant is not pictured.

Cebby McCarter was nominated by Charmaine Williams who said, “There are so many things I can say about Cebby. She is definitely a walking example of true support. Although she is part-time, she provides support to our department beyond this role. She started her employment at CPCC as a full-time employee on a federal grant and was very instrumental to the success of the project. When the project came to an end, we were beyond determined to hire her as a vital asset to our grants team.”

Christine Sargeant was nominated by Pamela Mcintyre, who said, “Christine Sargeant has extensive education, training, and experience in early childhood education and continually reads, researches and seeks out professional development opportunities on best practices and shares this information with colleagues and students. She is articulate and knowledgeable, and demonstrates a quiet “behind the scenes” demeanor in her efforts to provide the best educational experience possible for our students.”

Christy Case was nominated by two colleagues, Emily Leachman and Shawn Allison, who said, “Christy is extremely patient, very welcoming, and always has time for students who need help. She is calm and unflappable and transfers those emotions to the students. She is especially good at breaking things down into small, manageable pieces with overwhelmed students. Christy conducts in-person presentations to many business classes, often staying after her regular hours in order to accommodate class schedules later in the evenings on multiple campuses. She also provides availability to students online and by phone. Christy assists in the transference of knowledge and achieving academic goals.”

Connie Kilgo was nominated by Dawn Horner, who said, “Connie has always been pleasant and professional. I had the pleasure of serving on a hiring committee with Connie and it was evident that she was always on time, prepared, and cared about who would be the best fit for CPCC. Connie is always appreciative of other individual’s assistance and always shows her appreciation with a thank you. Connie works through any challenge she faces and does whatever it takes to make sure student needs are addressed and she does it with a smile on her face and a positive attitude.”

Darcy Sosko was nominated by a colleague, who said, “Darcy is not just a co-worker, she is someone I am lucky enough to call a friend. Her compassion and kind nature show through in everything she does. She is the personification of her favorite word: gratitude. Through her extensive time giving tours for prospective students, new students, and employees, Darcy has forged lifelong contacts and formed bonds with at least one person from each program of study and student service throughout the college.”

Dena Shonts was nominated by a colleague, who said, “Dena seamlessly operates Service-Learning with student success in mind. Every time I work with Dena, she is focused on how service events, college events and college-sponsored programs can increase the experience for the student. Recently, she accompanied a group on a Service-Learning Alternative-Spring Break trip to Panajachel, Guatemala and documented their trip through social media. She organizes events such as Alternative-Spring Break, MLK Challenge, Project Life and Service-In-Action, which extends the CPCC mission well beyond the boundaries of the campus.”

Erica Greenlee was nominated by Herbert Rembert, who said, “Erica is the consummate professional. She is the director of Single Stop, a fairly new program at the college. Erica has sparked this program into a great success for our student population. I have come across many students who credit Erica and her expertise and assistance as to why they are able to continue school or able to graduate or transfer.  Erica wears multiple hats as not only the Director but also an Academic Advisor, Counselor, Mentor, and sometimes parental figure.”

Greg Chase was nominated by a colleague, who said, “As an instructor of Marketing and Business, Greg exhibits and models excellent behaviors to positively impact our students; many are behaviors we would want our students to emulate. Greg has been an adjunct instructor for 25+ years here at CPCC.  In the five years I have known Greg, he has never missed or canceled a class. Greg has also used his extensive business contacts throughout the years to provide an enriching experience for his students by frequently bringing in other executives to interact with his classes.”

Holly Maurer was nominated by a colleague, who said, “One of my first observations of Holly was finding her name mentioned in the acknowledgements of the textbook we were using.  When I pointed out to Holly that she was a nationally ‘famous person’ (she had no idea her name appeared in the book), her reply was: ‘all I did was to fill out the questionnaire the publisher sent me.’ For Holly, it’s just part of doing her job. Holly is on campus most Wednesday evenings (by the way, she has a 9 AM class on Wednesdays, which all makes for a very long day).  Holly plans the rehearsals to best utilize the time of the students which takes a combination of musical-historical literacy, auditory imagination, discipline, diplomacy, and self-control that even some professional conductors do not possess.”

Jerry Landry was nominated by a colleague, who said, “Jerry is knowledgeable, skilled, creative, service oriented, dependable, organized, professional, proficient, and always has a courteous, positive, and patient attitude. He constantly strives to provide the most accurate and excellent service in all the projects he undertakes. He is a very effective communicator, as was evident in his collaboration with several areas of the college, and helps our divisions exceed our goals each year. His always cheerful attitude and approachability make working with him an absolutely fantastic experience!”

Linda Moorer was nominated by Mia Mallory, who said, “Linda was one of the staff responsible for training me. I remember her patience in explaining the responsibilities of a Coordinator, policies of the department and her openness to answer questions, even when she had given me the information multiple times before. She always offers to assist me with any challenges, from interpreting policy to issues with student registration. She’s very resourceful and maintains close connections with several departments, which helps us assist students in a timely and efficient manner.”

Lora Sadler was nominated by Cindy Robinson, who said, “Lora is very knowledgeable and is always friendly, positive, and approachable. Lora is very detail-oriented and part of her job is to review the work of others on the CCE Records Management Team. When she finds issues, she focuses on the needs of the learner and looks at each situation as a learning opportunity. She is patient and takes time to explain things to her co-workers. Lora helps them understand the reason “why” they have to do things a certain way, which in turn helps them learn how to do things correctly. She is always encouraging, never critical or discouraging.”

Lynn Williams was nominated by Marilyn Smalls, who said, “Lynn is an outstanding Office Coordinator. She is one of the most helpful people I have ever worked with when it comes to learning from the online technology help guides.  She encourages others to work smarter and accomplish more. With projects that need so much attention, I have found Lynn to be dependable, efficient and punctual. She designs and reconstructs new and advanced surveys. Lynn often adjusts what she has to do to meet the needs of our entire staff.”

Nawal Hopkins was nominated by Thomas West, who said, “Nawal manages the instructional software packages, keeping up with all license renewals and expirations as well as the terms of each contract. She meets with software vendors to keep up with the latest products. Nawal embraces the mission of CPCC. She realizes that staying ahead of the curve in the use of instructional software better prepares students to compete in the workplace. She is always willing to help, is extremely organized, and remains calm and patient when faced with challenges.”

Phuquain Morales was nominated by Eli Ramby, who said, “Phuquain is an exemplary employee. He demonstrates his commitment, efficiency and good character. In all these years that I have been working with him, I have never heard him complain about anything. Phuquain has never stopped walking the extra mile to help studsents even when they are frustrated. He has a lot of patience in teaching callers on how to navigate our website to find information.”

Rosemary Duncan was nominated by Jon Stevens, who said, “Since I first started at the college, Rosie has been more than helpful in my process of learning my new job in the Budget department. During my time here, I have realized how knowledgeable of the Budget department Rosie is. Rosie is always willing and able to provide us the answer, along with an included explanation, if needed. Not only does she provide assistance internally to the Budget department staff, but she is also very willing to assist anyone outside of the Budget department when they call in need of help. Rosie comes to work every single day with a very friendly, welcoming attitude.”

Shannon Blair was nominated by Yanessa Page, who said, “From the beginning of my journey as a full-time instructor at CPCC, Shannon has been a ‘difference maker’—in the most positive way. She gladly shares instructional strategies, creative classroom ideas, and she does not mind sharing her ‘this is what I am trying now, I’ll let you know how it works’ ideas. She does it all in the most upbeat, pleasant manner, always with a smile.  Teaching and learning are very much at the heart of what Shannon does.”

Shantell Strickland-Davis was nominated by Karen Streppa, who said, “Shantell Strickland-Davis is truly the hardest working person I know. I'm consistently impressed with her work ethic and professional approach. She strives for perfection and professionalism with every project she tackles. Shantell truly has the ability and talent to create and offer as many learning opportunities as possible and fosters a learning environment for herself and others. Her dedication not only to our employees but her staff, coworkers, and the college is apparent in everything she does.”

Tim Graham was nominated by Linda Patel, who said, “Smart. Articulate. Nurturing. Passionate. Hard-working. Dedicated. Caring. Committed.  These are just a few of the words used by our students to describe Timothy Graham. Tim is a mentor and an Academic Coach with the Man-UP program. I have worked with Tim on numerous projects and have seen his dedication to not only the success of Man-Up, but our students. He truly connects with and gets to know our students and their individual and unique circumstances. Tim has taken the time to learn about the different areas and offices at CPCC that directly impact our students including Financial Aid and Disability Services to make sure students are aware of the support offered to students.”

Vietta Durnin was nominated by Kenneth Agbatutu, who said, “Vietta has a contagious positive attitude and is always approachable. She takes pride in her work and is very attentive to the minutest of details. It is not unusual for her to stay after hours to ensure that deadlines are met.  Vietta is very transparent, and in working with her team, she is inclusive and asks for our input. Vietta promotes employee growth and always finds professional development opportunities for her team. Vietta embodies what it means to be a leader, a team player, and a role model.”


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