Message from the President

Central Piedmont Community College prides itself on ensuring that we are inclusive and accessible by reducing financial, environmental, social, and educational barriers to all members of our community as they pursue their diverse goals. Our strategic plan for the next five years reaffirms our commitment to learning as the central value of the College. It is the collective responsibility of each of us to provide a student-centered and supportive environment that improves learning.

We have long asked ourselves the two guiding questions, “Is it good for our community?” and “Is it good for our students?” I would now encourage you to add, “Does it improve learning?” and “How do we know?”

It will take the efforts of all our dedicated and caring employees to guarantee that all of our students’ experiences are positive, nurturing, and focused on learning and academic success. This is not a goal that we can attain in the short term. Please join me on this journey where the success of all learners and the necessity of lifelong learning are our driving principles.