Learning College

Achieving the Dream
Our Achieving the Dream initiative signifies our commitment to student success and institutional improvement. Designed to identify new strategies to improve student success, learn how Achieving the Dream will help us close achievement gaps and increase our retention and completion rates.


Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)
The College’s mission statement and first strategic goal emphasize the importance of providing a supportive learning environment and are the driving forces behind CPCC’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). Learn about the QEP and our goal of improving first-time, full-time, degree-seeking student success through enhanced student support and strategic communication.

Completion by Design (CbD)

CPCC is among a select set of community colleges to receive grant funding and support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation for the Completion by Design (CbD) initiative. Learn more about the goal of the Completion by Design initiative to substantially increase completion rates while holding down costs and maintaining access and quality.

Core Competencies (Core 4)
Learn about our four core competencies - critical thinking, communication, personal growth and responsibility, and information technology and quantitative literacy – which we use to support student development. Each competency is infused into every program’s curriculum to help students learn the techniques they’ll need to earn a spot in the workforce and successfully engage with the outside world.

General Education Assessment
The College made a decision in 1999 to form a sub-committee of the Institutional Effectiveness Committee for the purpose of establishing new general education learning goals/outcomes and creating an annual assessment and use of results process. The committee began their work in late 1999 and the first pilot assessment was done in 2000. Annual assessment of general education outcomes has been conducted every year since 2000.