Learning & Workforce Development

Welcome to the CPCC Learning Unit website. This site will provide information you will need to navigate the many policies and procedures that are unique to the Learning Unit. The Learning Unit at CPCC is committed to delivering an exceptional educational experience that will prepare students to become lifelong learners as well as leaders in their professions and communities. This might be accomplished by emphasis on our Critical Core employment competencies, addressing the regional skills gap, providing hands-on training via workplace learning, or increasing the talent pipeline through our partnerships with CMS and the UNC system. As a Learning College, CPCC seeks to create environments that generate positive, nurturing, and learning-focused experiences for students. While placing learning first in College decisions, the College encourages students to become full partners in the learning process and to assume primary responsibility for their academic careers and professional successes.

To assist you in helping students succeed, the Learning Unit site serves as a resource in finding information that directly relates to your teaching and administrative responsibilities at the College. Student success is possible, in large part, because of the dedicated work of faculty and staff who make student learning a priority. As always, I appreciate all that you do to make CPCC an educational leader.

Richard Zollinger
Vice President for Learning & Workforce Development