Technology Acquisition


IT Services is engaged in a continual process of equipment distribution, replacement, and upgrade. The minimum standards to which ITS is committed include a replacement cycle for machines more than 4 years old for faculty and staff, and 3 years old for student use. New equipment is distributed in accordance with the college's mission, first for student use, then for instruction, and finally to administration.

Equipment Acquisition

Requests for new technology are handled through the annual technology planning process.  Purchases which cost less than $500.00 per unit are not considered for technology planning and must be purchased by the respective departments.  Items over $500.00 may also be purchased with departmental funds provided enough funds are available.

Equipment Standards

To ensure compatibility with existing technology, standards and recommendations are provided. When your equipment arrives, contact ITS to schedule the installation of your new equipment.

Please select from the Equipment Standards when planning purchases. If your technology needs are not met by these items, an appointment can be made for consultation on purchases by contacting the ITS Help Desk at extension 5000.

Equipment Consultation

ITS provides consultation services to help you determine technology solutions appropriate for your needs. If you have any questions please direct them to the ITS Help Desk at 704-330-5000.

Equipment Support

Contact the ITS Help Desk for equipment installation, repair, or assistance in selecting or purchasing equipment.  Please contact ITS before purchasing any equipment that is not listed on our equipment standards.  Any non-standard equipment purchased that is not compatible with our standard configuration will not be supported.