Video Conferencing

Microsoft RoundTable is a video conferencing device with a 360-degree camera that is designed to work with Microsoft Lync 2010.

RoundTable provides remote meeting participants with panoramic video of everyone sitting around the conference table. In addition, RoundTable contains active speaker detection technology that provides high-resolution cx5000_1sm.jpgvideo of the active speaker in a meeting, and track the flow of conversation in real time, switching between different meeting participants as they speak.

RoundTable is a plug-and-play USB device that also functions as a standard speakerphone.

As of the April 14th, 2009, the Roundtable device is known as the Polycom CX5000. The device has an identical feature set but is branded as a Polycom unit.

The Roundtable device:

  • Delivers a unique, engaging 360-degree group video experience
  • Brings video, voice, and content together into one seamless interactive session
  • Immediately enhances team collaboration
  • Enables faster and more effective decision making, improved interaction and lower costs
  • Easy to deploy and use
  • Part of a full suite of voice and video solutions for Microsoft Lync
  • Demonstration Video from Polycom

In conjunction with Microsoft Lync, the Roundtable will:

  • Allow collaboration between colleagues from remote locations
  • Fully engage all participants by providing a 360° panoramic view of the conference room when used with Microsoft Lync 2010
  • Record meetings for playback with synchronized voice, video and content

To initiate an online meeting using Lync:

  1. Open your Outlook Calendar
  2. On the "Home" tab, click "New Online Meeting"

  3. A new meeting appointment window will open
  4. Simply add all the persons you would like to add to the meeting using the "To" field in the new window
  5. You may also include any details about the meeting in the body of the message
  6. The appointment will be added to your Outlook calendar
  7. To join the meeting, use the directions below

To join a meeting that has been sent or created:

  1. Open the meeting appointment on your Outlook calendar
  2. Click  "Join online meeting"

    Join Meeting.png
  3. Lync will open and you will be joined to the meeting

    How to reserve a conference room equipped with a Roundtable:
  1. Use the chart below to choose a room that is equipped with the Roundtable
  2. Contact your campus scheduler to request availabilty of a Roundtable room
  3. Reserve the room with the campus scheduler for the date and time needed
Campus and Rooms
Central Levine Harris North Cato Harper
TE 517 LV 3432 H1 1226 CL 1119 CT 209 Harper
HL 301 LV 3110 H2 2114 CJ 126
OC 230
DI 301



  1. Do I need a Roundtable to hold a video-conference meeting?  No. Microsoft Lync video-conferencing can be utilized by all participants who have a web cam.
  2. Will persons not assosciated with CPCC be able to join a videoconference that is being held by a CPCC employee?  Yes. People that are not associated with CPCC can join the meeting just like a CPCC employee. They will click  "Join online meeting" in the meeting appointment.  **Note: ITS cannot support persons outside of the CPCC domain.**
  3. What if a person outside of CPCC does not have Microsoft Lync installed on their computer, can they still join the meeting? Yes. Persons not associated with CPCC may first need to download Microsoft Lync Attendee.  The link for the software can be found at the bottom of the online meeting appointment.  The link will follow the text "To download Microsoft Lync Attendee, please visit the following site:"
  4. Where can I learn more about Microsoft Lync and its capabilites?  Professional Development training is available.  Please visit to view the schedule for Professional Development training.

    For more information, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 704-330-5000 or