Managing Your Mailbox

Email Quotas

To preserve the health and manageability of the College's email system, size quotas on user mailboxes have been assigned and enforced. As a user approaches his/her quota, the system will automatically send a daily warning message to that user. Once a user's mailbox exceeds its quota the mailbox will not be able to send or receive messages until space has been cleared. This means that many users will need to take a more disciplined approach to mailbox management.

A good starting point for those wishing to gain a better understanding of how to manage their mailbox would be to read an article like the one linked to below:
“4 Ways to Take Control of Your E-Mail Inbox”
To view a series of suggestions and best practices for sending, receiving, and managing e-mails view the E-mail Best Practices document.
Finally, the ITS Helpdesk can help any users with difficulty cleaning their mailboxes and keeping them organized.
Archiving Email

Outlook email archival tools provide users with features that can assist in managing their mailbox size within reasonable limits. Creating PST files on network storage reduces the overall cost to the college and increases aggregate mailbox performance.  For more information on archiving your email please review the Email Archive document