These are a few of the current projects LTS is working on.

ADA Video Captioning

The American Disabilities Acts has federally mandated that all video be captioned. CPCC has a deadline for this mandate which is December 2018. I light of the need to comply with the federal government we have started our effort.:

  • Upload all created videos to  Panopto by December 2017
  • Moratorium on all new video products that have not been captioned
  • Contact current vendors and ask for their video caption versions
  • Confirm basic understanding of Panopto
  • Understand the video captioning request workflow for students question captioning.
  • Exploring how captioning is not just for the disabled student.
  • Exploring how to make .DOCX, .PDF and .PPTs ADA compliant.
  • Exploring how to download videos from video streaming spaces, e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Digital Cafe button

The Digital Inclusion Group (DIG) has a mission to reduce and or eliminate the digital gaps for our students and the neighboring public.

  • Proposal of a new Digital Cafe
  • Adoption of an 'eight-mile' diameter neighborhood to help with the digital access
  • Creating a 'grand central station' effect of using and redirecting existing campus services to students.
  • Providing service to off campus learning spaces for ESL, senior citizens and some CPCC students
  • Working closely with the Charlotte Digital Inclusion Committee.
  • Creating working relationships with CPCC departments and services
  • Grant writing activities

    WebEx Project Bar

    WebEx has come to CPCC! You can do almost anything with WebEx that
    you can do in person, minus the travel time. Use WebEx specialized products to:

    • Present dynamic online events and webinars
    • Deliver online training and eLearning experiences
    • Provide outstanding remote technical support
    • Build stronger relationships with in-person telepresence experiences delivered over the cloud
    • Share knowledge, documents, videos, experience and ideas across your organization

    Collaborate from wherever you are with WebEx mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, or Blackberry. If you can get online, you can work together.  For more information go to


    LTS is currently engaged in a pilot (phase 3) with Apple to explore the potential benefits of iPads in the classroom. Currently, phase 3 of the pilot is running this fall semester. During this phase our 12 participating faculty members will meet weekly and give example classes to each other that are designed to demonstrate what iPads and MacBooks can do to enhance learning outcomes and student achievement.

    Global Classroom Project Bar


    Did you know that CPCC has a Global Classroom? In the Levine Information Technology building room 1140 is set up as a Global Classroom. This means that it is possible to communicate virtually as a class with other capable schools anywhere in the world. Last spring, in fact, a CPCC Spanish class met, via the Global Classroom, with a class in Arequipa, Peru! LTS is responsible for assisting with the Global Classroom, and is readily available to help our faculty and staff utilize this resource to it's fullest potential.

    podium bar

    Adapt courseware

    Coming soon!

    Google Docs

    If you are looking for a tool to collaborate with other Google Docs has a set of powerful tools. Similar to Microsoft Office, with Google Does you have several kinds documents: Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and Forms. You can get started using Google Docs by going to  You will be taken to the Google login page where you will do the following: 1. input your CPCC email address, 2. Do not input your password, instead just click the blue 'Sign In' button. 3. You will taken to a CPCC login window where you will input both your CPCC email and your password and click the 'Login' button.  Here is a great beginners tutorial: Google Docs Overview

    Flipped classroom

    How do you do that? LTS knows! The flipped classroom concept involves taking the lectures out of the classroom and putting them online, freeing class time for practical or problem-oriented work. The idea behind this is that once the teacher records the lecture, students can watch it on their own time. Class time can then be spent with the teacher assisting with the practical application of learned materials. Here at LTS, we're interested in helping our CPCC faculty use these techniques at the college.


    Charlotte is a user-generated “unconference” event for anyone who is interested in improving student success. An “EdCamp” is based on the "BarCamp" event model for providing open, participatory workshop events, with content provided by participants.

    It’s a fun, innovative and free way for the community to gather, exchange ideas and share experiences, and LTS is always there to help out!  Click here to download flyer.


    No, this is not simply a gathering of ITS. The Geek Festival is an exciting and eclectic annual celebration of the “geek” in all of us; an event designed to educate, energize, and inspire the minds of our students and the community through highlighting the constant creative innovations in technology, media, and industry. And, LTS will be there helping out!

    THE Geek Festival (TGF) is an exciting and eclectic annual celebration of the “geek” in all of us; an event designed to educate, energize, and inspire the minds of our students and the community through highlighting the constant creative innovations in technology, media, and industry. It not only recognizes the imaginative efforts made by individuals and companies in their respective fields but also provides a venue through which we can explore the technologies that have become so integral in our everyday lives as well as those that are new and foreign. Geek is chic; not only that, it is everywhere.