Live Broadcast (Pro Package)

New-LiveBroadcast This package is available if you plan to share a live video feed with classes at another campus, registered training attendees or a large online audience.


  • Provide 3-weeks notice for planning and testing
  • All dependencies (rundown, presentations, etc) must be delivered no later than 5 days prior to appointment.
  • The event must be a free CPCC-sponsored event occur during normal operating hours (M-F 8-5)
  • The entire broadcast cannot exceed 1 hour
  • Customer must provide a facilitator for group settings at each remote campus locations if group spaces are designated
  • Customer must coordinate appropriate room reservations at each campus that you would like to broadcast to for group settings
  • The expected online audience must exceed 25 unique viewers (e.x., at least one course section)


Digital Media Services (DMS) will participate in the planning process, provide up to two cameras (with operators), two lapel microphones and one handheld microphone. We’ll broadcast the live video feed, desktop software presentations like PowerPoint slides and add text overlays that include presenter names and titles.

Please note: no post-capture editing will be performed by DMS