Test Out of CIS 110

So you want to Testout of CIS 110 (Introduction to Computers)…Let us help you.

The CPCC IT department is offering a CIS 110 Testout option so that YOU may fulfill your CIS 110 requirement.  Here are some frequently asked questions:

What is CIS 110 Testout?

CIS 110 Testout is a two hour test which can be taken online.

Are there any prerequisites?


How much does it cost?

CIS 110 Testout costs $99.

These classes are offered through Corporate and Continuing Education (CCE). Therefore, financial aid is NOT accepted for the Testout.

Will this satisfy CIS 110 required for my CPCC degree program?

Yes. However, you will receive a grade of X on your transcript.  If you are a college transfer student, the X does not transfer.

Will this transfer to a four year University?

No. In order to transfer for credit, you must take the curriculum course.

When are the classes and how do I register?

Classes are currently offered throughout each Fall, Summer, and Spring semester. 
Spring 2016 sections:

CIS 110 Testout*

  • ITT 8111 41 - Tuesday, January 19th, 2016*
  • ITT 8111 42 - Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016*

To register follow the directions on the following link:  http://cce.cpcc.edu/register-now

*To register, search for ITT8111 and make sure you are registering for an ITT8111 class; NOT CIS110.

*Registration for these sections will close 24 hours prior to start of class.

Best of luck to you!  Thank you for allowing CPCC to play a part in your future.