Earn Certificates As You Go


Each of our diploma specialization programs offer certificates as milestones for degree students to achieve as they work to complete the coursework required for a degree, or for those students who have come to CPCC seeking targeted continuing education in their field. Each of our certificates is designed to provide students with clear and focused training in a specific area of the information technology field and is comprised of approximately 5 courses for a total of around 15 completed credit hours to achieve.  Here are some of the certifications we offer:


CTI Certificates are available for:

  • C25500-C1 Certificate in Cyber Crime and Digital Forensics
  • C25500-C2 Certificate in Advanced Digital Forensics
  • C25500-C3 Certificate in Computer Technology Integration
  • C25500-C4 Certificate in Mobile Apps Development Level I
  • C25500-C5 Certificate in Mobile Apps Development Level II
  • C25500-C6 Certificate in Web Development Level I
  • C25500-C7 Certificate in Web Development Level II
  • C25500-C8 Technical Systems
  • C25500-C9 Microsoft Systems Administration
  • C25500-C10 Cisco Administration
  • C25500-C31 CTI Fundamentals II Software Development
  • C25500-C32 CTI Software Development


Graduates should qualify for a wide variety of computer related entry-level positions that provide opportunities for advancement with increasing experience and ongoing training.  Students should explore specifics of each discipline to ascertain the potential industry certifications that the training will prepare them to complete.

It is recommended that all students initially enroll in certificate C25500-C3.

C25500-C3 Certificate Contents:
CTI 110 - Web, Programming & DB Found.  
CTI 120 - Network & Security Found.  
CTI 130 - Oper. System Foundations 
CTS 115 - Info Sys Business Concepts
CIS 110 - Introduction to Computers

Talk to your instructors in your area of interest for more information on the certificates available for you to earn.