Work-Based Learning (Co-op)



Work-Based Learning (Co-op)

Student Eligibility Information



Eligibility Requirements: Student enrolled in a Work Based Learning (Co-op) approved curriculum should meet the following eligibility requirements prior to placement:

    Maintain a minimum 2.5 program GP and

      Have satisfactorily completed the following courses:

        For placement into WBL 111:

        ASL 111 & ASL 181 Elementary ASL I & Lab

        ASL 112 & ASL 182 Elementary ASL II & Lab

        ASL 211 & ASL 281 Intermediate ASL I & Lab

        ASL 212 & ASL  282 Intermediate ASL II & Lab

        IPP 111 Introduction to Interpretation

        IPP 112 Comparative Cultures

        ASL 250 Linguistics of ASL

        IPP 152 ASL/English Translation

        IPP 153 Introduction to Discourse Analysis

        IPP 161 Consecutive Interpretation

        For placement into WBL 121, students must also have satisfactorily completed these courses:

        WBL 111 Work-Based Learning I (Co-op)

        WBL 115 Work-Based Learning Seminar I (Co-op Seminar)

        IPP 221 Simultaneous Interpretation I

        IPP 240 Ethical Standards and Practices

        Plus one ASL elective from the following:
        ASL 151 Numbers & Fingerspelling; ASL 221 Advanced ASL1; ASL 222
        Advanced ASL II, Global Deaf Community

        And be recommended for placement by Faculty in the Interpreter Education Program and

        Each student participating in a Work Based Learning (Co-op) will be enrolled in a seminar class in order to      process what he/she is learning in the field.