Interpreter Education Program Requirements and Sequence

Admissions requirements beginning 2010-2011

  • A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
  • CPCC placement tests are required in English,reading and mathematics.
  • Students must take and pass ENG 111 with a grade of C or better; successfully complete a credit by exam, or teransfer an ENG 111 equivalent course.
  • Student must have a SLPI (Sign Language Placement Interview): ASL rating of Intermediate Level or higher in order to major in the Interpreter Education program.
  • Courses in the Interpreter Education Program have course prerequisites or corequisites; check the Course Descriptions section for details.

Interpreter Education Program AAS (A55300)

Click here to download the Interpreter Education AAS Degree Plan.

* See catalog for approved list of electives. ASL 211 Intermediate ASL I and ASL 281 ASL Lab 3 are recommended.