Consulting and Planning

Consulting and Planning Services


The approach to developing effective learning content is typically not haphazard; preparation is very necessary. Instructional Development provides consulting services to help guide faculty and content matter experts through the process of creating quality resources. We recognize and value of your expertise and creativity. We acknowledge that there are many ways to express an idea and deliver it. Our role is to work with you to channel your knowledge, your creativity, the latest resources, the most innovative technologies and delivery options into producing the most efficient and accessible learning experiences for your students.

Consulting services may include, but are not limited to, the following actions:

  • Project and process review
  • Discussion of best practices and considerations
  • Development recommendations
  • Resource and technology planning
  • Content organization
  • Storyboarding and mapping
  • Creative process


Consulting Mindmap


Common Examples

Below are a few examples common consulting services that IDev provides.

Project Planning - Often, Instructional Development is consulted during the planning and development phases of a project. Developers are often asked to provide feedback on the development of new online courses, online training or computer-based training offerings, and the introduction of web and media-enhancements for traditional in-class courses. Specifically, we work with project contributors to establish the most reasonable eLearning resources and best practices that apply.


  • Are you using the most appropriate resources and technologies to deliver your content effectively?
  • Are you using the most appropriate resources and technologies to deliver your content efficiently?
  • Have you considered what best practices apply your course?

Quality Course Review - The QCR is an internal course review process based on a rubric that provides a guide to key common elements which should be contained in every fully online course, while allowing flexibility of design for each faculty member to deliver unique educational content. [more]


  • Even the very BEST online courses can benefit from recommendations found in the QCR Quality Rubric.
  • If you develop your content with the QCR Quality Rubric in mind from the beginning, you avoid running into snags later.
  • If you want to meet a QCR standard but do not know how, consult with a developer for assistance.

Content Migration - Moving or migrating courses and content from one learning platform to another can be quite time consuming and frustrating. We recommend that you meet with an Instructional Developer for a one-on-one consultation and review of your course's content and structure. From this consultation, we can help you to outline a strategy for a smooth migration.


  • Do I want to offer the same course in Blackboard and Moodle or another platform?
  • Do I want to move a course from one system to another?
  • Do I want to move assessments or content modules from one system to another?