Instructional Development / eLearning

Introduction and Mission

Welcome to the Instructional Development @ CPCC web site. Instructional Development  / eLearning supports the development of quality courses, training, and resources that are provided through a variety of delivery methods; promotes quality teaching and learning methodologies by building community and collaborating with faculty, college divisions, and services; and facilitates research-based instructional applications of current and emerging technologies that enhance learning.

Beliefs and Assumptions

  1. Teaching is an art.
  2. Technology is a tool.
  3. Faculty are the subject matter experts.
  4. The active involvement of the learner in the teaching/learning process is a correlate of success.
  5. The active interaction of the learner and the faculty member is a correlate of success.
  6. The active interaction of learners amongst and between themselves is a correlate of success.
  7. Instructional developers can provide recommendations and assistance in appropriate resources.


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