Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene (A45260)

We are no longer accepting applications for Fall 2015

Students who applied should expect to receive notification by mail early in April

2016 Application will be posted in May

The Dental Hygiene curriculum prepares individuals with the knowledge and skills to access, plan, implement, and evaluate dental hygiene care for the individual and the community.

Students will learn to prepare the operatory, take patient histories.  Note abnormalities, plan care, teach oral hygiene, clean teeth, take x-rays, apply preventive agents, complete necessary chart entries, and perform other procedures related to dental hygiene care.

Graduates of this program may be eligible to take national and state/regional examinations for licensure which are required to practice dental hygiene.  Employment opportunities include dental offices, clinics, schools, public health agencies, industry, and professional education.

Degree Awarded

The Associate in Applied Science Degree - Dental Hygiene Degree is awarded by the College upon completion of this program.


The dental hygiene program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

All students are required to be certified in first aid and Health Care Provider CPR (American Heart) or CPR for Professional Rescuer (American Red Cross) before entering the Dental Hygiene Program.

Students must have completed at least a high school chemistry course with a laboratory or its equivalent prior to being accepted into the dental hygiene program.  CHM 121 and 121A is an accceptable substitute for high school chemistry.  The chemistry requirement must be completed not more than five years prior to acceptance.

Students must demonstrate basic computer competencies through course work or testing.  The division director of Computer Office and Information Systems will determine equivalent competency.

Costs of this program, in addition to tuition and textbooks, include uniforms, instruments, physical examination, and specific vaccinations.

Licensure to practice dental hygiene is required to working in any state or jurisdiction.

The North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners may request information regarding conviction of a felony and/or misdemeanor and/or current charges on the application for licensure and may decide not to license an individual based on the results of an investigation.

In order to participate in clinical education experiences at health care facilities, students may be required to submit results of a NC state or national criminal background check at their own expense.  As a condition of program admission, students may be required to verify that they are United States citizens or are otherwise legally authorized residents of the United States.


Please refer to the Admission Steps for  Degree Diploma, or Certificate students:

- Complete a CPCC application.

- Submit high school transcripts as well as any college transcripts.

- Take required placement tests.  International students should refer to the College Catalog for information regarding evidence of English competency.  Academic resources available to international student may be accessed through the Office of International Programs and Services, located on Central Campus.

- Meet with a counselor or advisor to review placement test scores, program information, and select courses for registration.

- Complete and submit a dental hygiene application.

- All needed Advancement Studies courses must be completed prior to acceptance.

- Many courses have prerequisites or corequisites; check the Course Descriptions section for details.

- In any Associate Degree Health Sciences program for which there are more applicants who have completed the preadmission requirements than there are positions, admission points will be assigned according to the applicant's documented record.  Criteria for selection includes scores on standardized tests, past academic performance, and experience in the field of interest.