Four Certificates of Study are currently offered by the Substance Abuse Program.  All Certificates are designed for those who already have a degree and are seeking additional knowledge in the area of substance abuse and/or state certification/licensure. Certificate selection depends on the student's specific career goals. Upon completion of these courses a certificate will be awarded by the College. This certificate may be used towards the initial or renewal of Certification/Licensure through the North Carolina Substance Abuse Professional Practice Board (NCSAPPB) or the National Association of Alcohol & Drug Abuse Counselors (NAADAC). These courses are also approved the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC). If you already have a degree but it is not in a like field, you will be required to take additional prerequisite courses prior to or in conjunction with those required of the certificate.

The Certificates offered are as follows. Click any certificate title to view the required courses.

Certificate with Specialization in Substance Abuse (C4538E – C2) [non-clinical certificate]

Certificate with Specialization in Substance Abuse Counseling (C4538E – C3) [clinical certificate]

Certificate with Specialization in Substance Abuse & Behavioral Health Prevention (C4538E – C5)

Certificate with Specialization in Substance Abuse & Criminal Justice (C4538E – C6)

Please Note: It is strongly recommended that students seeking to become substance abuse counselors take all SAB courses offered, as this is essential information for being an effective substance abuse professional - as well as information covered on the Certification/Licensure exam. SAB 135 (Addictive Process) is an additional course that is available but not required of the Certificates.


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