Team Member Roles


The Office of Resource Development will be responsible for monitoring the overall progress of grant-funded projects. This will be facilitated through Grants Administration Teams, whose membership will include the Project Director, as well as lead representatives from Government Relations, Resource Development and Grants (Heather Parusel) and Grants & Contracts (Tracy Pham).

The Project Director of each grant-funded project will assume the full responsibility for overall project management. It will be the Project Director’s responsibility to:

  1. Ensure compliance with all terms of the award and fulfillment of all activities in the application
  2. Coordinate all correspondence with the funding agency
  3. Ensure the successful performance of their project management teams
  4. Complete and submit agency reports on time, with copies of all reports submitted to Resource Development or the administrative record
  5. Ensure that expenditures are limited to the total dollar amount awarded
  6. Ensure that the project is conducted according to established College administrative and academic policy, the policies of the sponsoring agency, and applicable federal law

    • The Project Director's signature must appear on all transactions and documents related to the project's completion.
    • The Project Director must follow the project guidelines as prescribed by the sponsoring agency, federal and state laws and college policies in regard to hiring of personnel, travel, equipment purchases, and operations.

It will be the responsibility of Resource Development staff to:

  1. Review grant awards/contracts for compliance with College policy
  2. Distribute the initial award notification package to appropriate parties
  3. As needed, convene a Team Orientation Meeting that includes a representative from Financial Services (Elena Randolph), MIS Training/GL Systems (Ian Brice), and Payroll (Sue Mulligan)
  4. Coordinate all meetings of the Grants Administration Teams
  5. Explain and interpret funding agency policy and administrative requirements
  6. Advise in completing required agency forms and certifications
  7. Advise and participate in negotiations in award terms with funding agencies
  8. As needed, conduct an impact review for ITS and Facilities, and distribute findings to appropriate parties (via 2nd meeting or e-mail)
  9. Distribute notices of reports due to funding agencies (performance, financial, other)
  10. Convene an annual meeting of College administrators and all grant-funded Project Directors

It will be the responsibility of Grants & Contracts staff to:

  1. Set up, maintain and report on the required accounts, and manage transfers
  2. Coordinate the development of a monthly accounting report for the Project Director with Campus Administrative Services and MIS Training / GL Systems
  3. Prepare and distribute a monthly Grant Funds Report on all College grant-funded projects
  4. Complete the required agency accounting reports for the Project Director As needed, coordinate the draw down / reimbursement of funds