College Degrees & Diplomas


Meet with your advisor

You should meet with your faculty advisor or counselor prior to applying for graduation. They will check that all transcripts are received, that you have been admitted to the appropriate program and catalog, that any course substitutions and waivers have been submitted, and that you have a course of study for the remainder of your program.

Submit a graduation application

You should submit a Graduation Application to the Graduation Office during the established application dates. Submit your graduation application online at

  • Spring Applications - January 1
  • Summer Applications - May 1
  • Fall Applications - August 1

Receive a program audit update

A Graduation Analyst will audit your records and email you the status of your program audit approximately 8 weeks after submitting your application. Graduation Analysts cannot perform this audit when you apply. If you are unsure of your status and need advisement, you must meet with your advisor or counselor. All graduation related emails will go to your CPCC student email account.

Confirmation of graduation status

A few weeks before the end of your final semester, another review of your records will be completed. You will be contacted by your Graduation Analyst to confirm your graduation or to invite you to make an appointment to discuss your graduation status. When everything is in order, you will be given permission to order your degree or diploma.


After completing all requirements, including successful completion of your final courses, a notation of your degree or diploma along with the date of graduation will be made on your CPCC transcript. If ordered, the degree will be mailed to you. Information about when it will be mailed will be provided with your confirmation of graduation status.

Ordering a transcript documenting your degree

When notified that you are eligible for graduation, you may order a transcript that will reflect the degree that you earn. Please complete a paper transcript request and mark the request "Hold for Degree Posting." By marking it to be held, the transcript will not be sent prior to your degree being noted.

*Please note, this option is not available when ordering a transcript online. If you order a transcript online, the transcript will be sent upon ordering which means that your degree will not be noted.

Financial Aid exit loan calculating

If you have obtained a Federal Direct Loan while attending CPCC or you have borrowed under the federal loan program at a different institution, you are required to complete a Federal Loan Exit Counseling session before graduating. The Department of Education has compiled an online counseling session to provide you with the information necessary to begin repayment and answer any questions you may have.  To access the exit counseling session online go to:  Under Tools and Resources, click on Exit Counseling.  If you would prefer an in-person exit counseling session, please contact the Financial Aid Office at 704-330-6942.


CPCC holds one commencement ceremony each year in May. Graduates from the previous summer and fall, as well as current spring graduates, are invited to participate, although participation is not required. Ceremony details are mailed to graduates in April.

Additional information is available at 704-330-6312.