Sponsor Us

What can we donate?
Donations may be monetary or in kind, and are tax deductible.  Examples of items that we often need include:

  • paper
  • ink
  • printers
  • printing equipment

We currently have a specific need for:

  • (TBA)

Why should we support you?

  • Donations are tax deductible. 
  • You will help enhance students' hands-on learning experience.
  • Students will be familiarized with your equipment. (If you hire one of our students, training time and expense will be reduced. Also, purchasers may be more likely to recommend what they are familiar with.)
  • By donating surplus or replaced items, you will free up more space in your office or facility!

We'd like to make a donation; what do we do?

To make a donation, or for more information, contact us.  Thank you in advance for your support!