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Check your CPCC student email for a message from to see how you are doing in your class! Questions? Contact 704.330.6754 or email

STAR, or Success Through Academic Reporting, is an early alert tool that offers you feedback from instructors at critical points in the semester (see the schedule below). This feedback gives you an idea of how you are doing in your classes and an opportunity to maintain or improve your academic status. If you are enrolled in an eight-week, 12-week, or 16-week course, you will receive these alerts through your official CPCC student email account. Check your email daily and talk to your instructors about how you are progressing in your classes!

Course DatesInitial Report IssuedMidterm Report Issued
August 17 - October 9 August 24 - 28 September 8 - 11
August 17 - November 6 August 31 - September 4 September 28 - October 2
August 17 - December 11 August 31 - September 4 October 5 - 9
September 16 - December 11 September 28 -October 2 November 2 - 6
October 14- December 11 October 26 - 30 November 9 - 13

All first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students will receive enhanced student support and ongoing strategic communication from Terrence Strickland, the STAR Student Success Coach. Terrence is located on the Central Campus in Central High, Room 115. He will be at each campus’ Student Resource Day as well as other times throughout the semester to assist students. Students needing assistance are invited to contact Terrence at any time.

Terrence Strickland STAR Student Success Coach 
Central High, Room 115