Student Success Resources

Student Assistance Resources

The College has a goal to ensure student success by all employees assuming collective responsibility for placing the needs of learners first. Click on the links below or the tabs on the left to learn more about CPCC student services and how you can assist students.


Faculty Handbook: Students

The Faculty Handbook is a resource for all full-time and part-time faculty at Central Piedmont Community College. It is intended to serve as a helpful reference for information about policies, procedures, services and activities that will assist you in carrying out your responsibilities at the College. Use this quick link to go directly to the Part V: Student section of the Faculty Handbook.

How to Refer Students - Early Alert Referrals

Student Counselors at CPCC welcome the opportunity to serve as partners with Faculty in helping our students succeed. The Early Alert Program was designed to encourage this collaboration, facilitate communication, and provide students with resources which foster success.

Standards of Academic Probation and Suspension

Students who are enrolled in a program and whose program GPA falls below 2.0 will be placed on academic warning. If the GPA does not improve by the end of the next semester, students are paced on Academic Probation. Click this topic and scroll down to learn more about Academic Warning, Probation, and Suspension policies.

Withdrawal Policies and Procedures

A student who for any reason cannot complete a course must take the responsibility to formally withdraw in order to avoid a failing grade.  To receive a W grade, a student must withdraw prior to the 35% date of the class. To find the 35% withdrawal deadline date for a class, check the online syllabus or check the College Calendar.

Withdrawal transactions can be done online or in-person during business hours to any CPCC registration office. The instructor may also assign a W at the end of the term when circumstances warrant such action.  A W will remain on the transcript.  A W will not count as credit hours attempted.  To receive credit, a student who received a W must re-register and pay for the course in a subsequent term.  Withdrawals may affect student financial aid. However, we recommend that when possible, the instructor meet with the student to determine if there are other options other than withdrawal from the course. Counseling and tutoring or other services might be available to assist a student.